Learning as an Adult

Did you know that hawks in the wild hunt for themselves, are scavenger type creatures eating anything, and will fight each other over a kill? While hawks in the city of adapted to hunt together and herd prey together for benefiting each other? 

Learning, it's something I've actively been doing this year. Starting with a series done by BBC. Planet Earth, Planet Earth II, and the Blue Earth. The series is good in that it throws beautiful imagery at you but not a whole lot of information. At first I was irritated because it kept changing subjects quickly and never fully focusing on one thing. So if I was curious about something it had said I would have to pause and google for more information. However I watched all three very quickly and came to appreciate how fast it moves. There is so much to learn about our world that you could dedicate hours to just one tiny thing and never know everything about it. It's a lot to take in and with the broad scope of the show you get to learn lots of little interesting things without getting bored because of the focus.

My favorite episode is found in Planet Earth II, episode 6, Cities. It's where the hawks fact came from. It was also super fascinating about how some countries are working towards creating a better planet and is definitely something I want to learn more of. I've dreams of one day having a greenhouse and dozens of plants and this episode made that not seem so silly. My least favorite episode would found in Planet Earth, episode  4, Caves. Bats are fascinating creatures, they have learned to share resources and build communities but the cockroaches (and other things) underneath them are not my thing.

As an adult learning is so different. As I dive further into things I feel should have been available to me as a child, I find my world is making more sense. Logic can be applied to everyday things. The way my plants react to sunlight or the wrong type of fertilizer. How GMO's work and their reasoning. Immunization, Evolution. It's all fascinating.

I get that sometimes all the information we have access to can be so overwhelming. The world is full of so many things and when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture you start to realize how small and insignificant we, humans, are. We are just pieces of okay evolution. We aren't special, our DNA can be traced back to a single cell, along with every other creature on this planet. Bill Nye's book Undeniably is a fantastic book to listen too. He's chapters are immunization, GMO's, cloning were eye opening. Hearing the science behind the things I was taught were wrong or scary makes them less scary, invalid, and suddenly it just makes sense. 

The biggest question for me is where do I direct my learning next. There are more BBC educational videos to watch (Life, Hunt, Africa, and so many more), there are science experiments to be tried (a peeled egg in hot water or something...), and dozens of books to read (feminist reads, yoga books, educational sciency texts).  

Where do you, dear reader, go to learn? And what you going to try to learn next?

I posted this picture as part of my 365 Project. It is definitely one of my favorites. The other two were what followed and while odd are definitely some of my favorites.

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