365 Project - Week 6

365 Project - Week 6

33 : 365 - February 2

This day I had plans. Kevin had haircut and massage appointments. I was going to pick him up, take photos while waiting for him to get off work, and then different ones while he was at his haircut. I was gonna get two different views of the sunset from different spots. One of the photos would be for this project and the two different locations would be for two different yoga poses for instagram. I hopped into my car, drive there and started the set up for the first picture and then my camera flashed "TEST SHOT" across the screen. This was not something I have ever seen on any of the cameras I have played with so I took a further look and discovered I had forgotten my SD Card at home! The ultimate rookie mistake of not checking all your gear before leaving the house. I was so frustrated and disappointed in myself (you can see it in my insta-stories). Kevin hops in the car and I'm telling him all this, when he tells me it was his fault, because he had been fixing a camera setting for me and had closed the spot for the SD Card without putting it in, which is what would have thrown me off and not had me look for it. 

The lesson in this is to not berate yourself because not everything is your fault. Also I am thankful Kevin changed that camera setting, even if I did mean I missed out on the first shots I wanted. I did manage this one and one yoga shoot in the semi dark after buying a new card. I can't wait for green, the trees just look sad and lonely at this point. 

34 : 365 - February 3

Our 12th Anniversary. We went out for okay sushi last night and today the plan is to watch the snow fall, hang out in our comfy house with the fire on, while playing games. I know people make big deals out of anniversaries and we do occasionally. But overall I prefer when it's just the two of us chilling and enjoying each others company. Kinda like every other day...

35 : 365 - February 4

I attempted to take a photo of the two of us during our Sunday Ritual (aka I go to yoga, Kevin to Starbucks and then I met him afterwards), but we both got embarrassed by the camera shutter noise. I need to remember to put it in ninja mode before entering the building. I think this is the tenth time I've had to wear my winter coat this winter.

36 : 365 - February 5

Turns out I'm at the library fairly often. I have seven book sitting on my shelve right now that all need reading. This library run I did something a little different. I fit my camera in my winter coat and stepped in the doors feeling brave. I feel like I stand out so much (pink hair, black clothes kinda do that), that I find it hard to not be overly shy when in public. Most times when I step in the library it's past the front desk to the row of books on hold, find my name and books, flee to the self check outs and scan as quickly as possible. In that time frame at least three people will have spoken to me and most of the time they aren't library staff. But I have been wanting to take a yoga picture in a particular spot in the library and to do that I need to bring my camera. This trip it was almost completely dead inside and so I felt brave enough to walk around. This is the only picture I took, but it's a start. Ironically I happened upon a shelve of books that I actually really like that I hadn't discovered before, Adult Fantasy. Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to pose, though I highly doubt it. 

Side note: I totally put my camera in ninja mode for this photo.

37 : 365 - February 6

3:58 am

The fire alarm goes off a far bit in our building but never in the middle of the night and never enough for us to actually have to leave the building. I still have no idea what happened but the building wasn't on fire and we were back in our beds twenty minutes after taking this picture. 

38 : 365 - February 7

Time for Flowers

39: 365 - February 8

I very much wanted to sit on this bench. But I didn't.

I took this walk so I could take this picture

Happy Friday! I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying the moment. Those small moments might be big moments to someone else.

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