Intention Check In
I knew going into this new year, that I had some issues that I needed to confront and work on some things but that I also really wanted to focus on implementing some better habits for myself. So I told myself I wanted to focus on the small things, the things that make me feel good and put me in a good mood to really set me up for a good day and get rid of anything that I felt wasn’t really helping me move along and adding to my life. 
— Claire Marshell

Claire Marshall is one of my favorite YouTubers. She feels like a genuine person and has a unique way of putting her content out there. Her video my good morning habits went up a few weeks ago and at the time I was sitting there thinking about how to reflect on the first quarter of the year. At the beginning of the year I set a bunch of specific and non-specific goals, I wrote that I had big plans. Three months in and I am feeling good about those goals. 

Cultivate my Voice

Write and build

Participation - the groups I participate in have changed over the last few months and it has changed my participation. Not for the better. I definitely need to find better ways to be active. 

Tagging - I feel like I am doing better at this, but I could definitely do better.

Projects - Three times a week is hard but my 365 Project makes it easy. It takes one of the slots and gets me excited about using my camera. I am so happy I started this project. 

Grow in Body Positivity 

This will always be an ongoing goal. However reading the Body is Not an Apology by Sonya Rene Taylor was a wonderful step in the right direction, even if I couldn't review it the way I usually would have. 

Educate Myself


I have read a lot this year and different books at that too. My favorite currently being Saga. Jan I read 9 books, Feb I read 29, and I am on book 7 for March. 

As for talking it's hit or miss with me. I have been talking to more people but it's due to appointments (like with state farm) or because I want something from the other person (like discovering what other classes they teach so I can take those too). Overall though I have been watching a lot of educational things, I even wrote about learning as an adult. Besides the shows I mentioned in that post, I have been watching educational YouTube. My favorite challenges are the following

SciShow Psych
Jen Campbell
La-Ron Reads
The Art of Photography
Lindsay Ellis

There are lots of other channels I watch to but we watch them through Kevin's profile and only when he's home. Continuing to learn is important as an adult and remembering to grow yourself when you aren't working makes it even more important. You don't want to stagnant. 

I have also started taking a new class. I am not ready to write about it but it's fun, challenging, and I desperately want more of it. 

Finally the vows

You can see them list here. These vows have had an interesting affect on me. Especially 5. I have always thought kindness was something earned not something done. Even last year when I wrote about kindness, I still was under that assumption. But kindness is not something earned, it's a natural place we should be and I have been striving to not be so tense especially when out and about dealing with people.


I feel pretty good about what I've done this year and I am looking forward to springtime and doing even more. 

How's your year going?

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