365 Project - Week 11

365 Project - Week 11

68 : 365 March 9 

Potential goal - walk around this lake in or at least the parts surrounding town. Though maybe not on a cold blustery day. 

69 : 365 March 10

Olbrich Botanical Gardens, which I have talked about before, were having a plant sale and a show today. We went, enjoyed it, and bought flowers. I am excited for them and can't wait to show you what my indoor garden plans are for the year! For now here are three of my favorites from the show. Which means I am kinda cheating today, but it's my project so I get to choose the rule and when to break them. If you've never been to your local Botanical Gardens, go! They are always so beautiful!

70 : 365 March 11

Garden show yesterday, planting day today. I'll probably have more to say about this years gardening next week.

Are you gardening?

71 : 365 March 12

Migraines are driving me to find things to do that don't involving moving or watching or reading. Podcasts are a life saver. I signed up to Stitcher just to listen to Jessamyn Explains It All. It's a podcast full of things I needed to hear. 

72 : 365 March 13

Out and about

73 : 365 March 14

We went and saw A Wrinkle In Time. I really enjoyed it, Kevin did not. I've also picked up the book. Usually a dislike reading a book after seeing the movie, but I am curious about this one and I want more details. I wish though I had picked up the none disney version of the book. 

NOTE: I took this on my phone, I did not bring my camera into the theater

74 : 365 March 15

Two are new, one is not. Left is a orange westland climbing rose and right is the 4 primulas you saw above. Hopefully I can keep both alive, growing, and blooming occasionally. Life has been about gardening plans this month and I am really enjoying it. 

Share a link to a picture you took this week, would love to see your work and tell me which photo is your favorite!

Happy Friday

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