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Every winter I have a lot of plant death. This is something I want to change but I have no idea idea how to do it. Last fall I had 15 plants, this spring only 8 of the original remain. Most of my cacti died, my rhubarb, and my leafy friend in the bedroom. My goal for this year is to increase my numbers and keep them alive all winter long. 

Current Herb


Right now the only herb I have is basil. I had two lovely ones that yielded me about 9 cups every two months. According to an internet search, they are fully grown at 2 1/2 feet and both are that tall, so now I want to work towards making them bushy. However, the amount of basil I'm getting is insane even after letting it flower and overall we don't eat that much basil. So we found someone who wanted a basil plant and I gave one away. That was an experience! I have never separated a plant before and these two were very entwined (can you see what both plants looked like in November here). The video below shows me striping the plant, separating them, and then making the one staying behind a happier space, hopefully! We'll be able to tell within 22 days whether or not I killed both plants with this moment, but my fingers are crossed.

Future Herb Plan

Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) 

I have bought two rosemary trees and each one have died. They aren't even included in the count I gave at the beginning. I love rosemary. It's one of my favorite herbs and having it fresh is the best topping for chicken or roast beef. So when I saw Rosemary seeds at the store, I picked those up. Maybe I'll be able to grow my own plant vs keeping one alive that's already a year or two old. 

Other Edibles 

Spinach (salad sensation hybrid) and Onion (white lisbon)

Spinach and onion are the last of my seeds. I don't want to get too many and be overwhelmed like I was last year. As I am doing this all inside and in pots, I think starting small and slowly adding might be better. If I can get these off the ground running, I can add more later. 


The last plant, I have yet to acquire is strawberries. I hope to buy 5-6 starter plants when I can find them and get a row going that will become a strong patch and last through the years. No idea if that's possible but I wrote last year about my strawberry patch dreams and it's time to start that reality. 

And that's my plan.  it's not brilliant and nothing spectacular, but it's what I have. 

Do you do any gardening?

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