It started with my desk

It started with my desk. One night sitting there playing a video game with Kevin, I moved the keyboard tray and it fell into my lap. The metal sliding fixture holding the tray broke. A simple thing that if we had fixed our selves voided our warranty. So instead I went through the warranty process. One month of back and forth calls and hours spent on hold, it was finally determined that they won't fix it and we were left with two options. 

  1. Get the warranty money back and fix it ourselves.
  2. Return both desks and get a credit at the store to spend. 

We went with returning the desks. After three years of using them they weren't exactly what we wanted for a work space. We wouldn't have changed anything if the desk hadn't broke but now we had an opportunity to do it. Off to the store we went, only to discovered no desks that suited our needs. Just old style wooden bricks.

And that's when things got a little crazy. 

No desk, bought a mattress instead. Something we needed as the couch was more comfortable than the bed and we've spent far too many nights between the couch and the floor because of comfort. The price difference between a queen and a king was minimal so we went with the king, as we have loved sleeping in hotels with king beds, they are just so amazing. Changing our mattress size meant losing our bed frame, nightstands (as it's all one piece), and bedding. 

What started as a simple part replacement, turned into an overhaul of the office and bedroom. Which turned into dreaming of finishing the dinning room. Having a home is weird. Having a place that it comfortable and livable is important. So while the change is a little bit stressful it's nice that I have the ability to make the changes when things break. We don't plan on moving for many years and each change we make, makes this place that much better. 

Over the next few months I'll be sharing the new looks. I hope you'll stick around to see it.

Today I'd love to hear about what makes your home a home?

Here's how the rooms where set up before.

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