365 Project - Week 9

365 Project - Week 9

54 : 365 February 23

This is what mornings have looked like for the past few days. Smoothie, yoga book, and on hold with another company trying to work things out. Warranty - glad to have it, hate dealing with it. 

55 : 365 February 24

Most weeks I talk about the things we do on Sundays as it's one of my favorite days of the week. But Saturdays are a pretty big awesome too. We log into a website call Roll20, link in with a bunch of our friends across the US and Canada (via discord), and we play D&D. We are currently working our way through the Rage of Demons campaign found in the Out of the Abyss book. It's something we've been doing for almost three years, though we've gone through a few different campaigns now. 

Food two days in a row. Similar in takes. This is one of my favorite ways to shoot. The cool tones, one object, blurring it out. But I don't do it often. This week I have left the house but I don't feel like shooting outside, so I haven't been. I am dreaming of spring and as it isn't here I've been hiding and pretending not to notice the weather. Summer snacks and easter eggs have been helping with the illusion

56 : 365 February 25

57 : 365 February 26

58 : 365 February 27

Parked in a parking garage. Took a picture of the clouds. 

59 : 365 February 28

Washing and drying bras is a huge frustrating... Welcome to real life.

60 : 365 March 1

Shooting from the ground, will always be my favorite way of shooting, I think. 

Can you believe it's March already?? Spring is on its way!
This is February's video! I had a great month! How was yours?

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