365 Project - Week 12

365 Project - Week 12

75 : 365 March 16

Was finally brave enough to pull my camera out at the salon. Got a new color and I like it, though I oddly think it will look better with roots. 

76 : 365 March 17

Growing up my dad made breakfast some weekends. For pancakes he always made it in the blender, so today I attempted it. It did not turn out well, the batter was far too thick, and it won't be something I do again. Kevin ate his with peanut butter and I had mine with berry syrup, something I won't have enjoyed as a child. As an adult though it's perfect. 

77 : 365 March 18

Headed out to do our Sunday thing.

Took this picture on the fly. It's not the best. It's blurry, a bad angle, and not flattering again.

But it's real life and it's us. 

78 : 365 March 19

It's been a few days since I've gone out for a walk. It's the perfect weather and I enjoyed every second of it, even if I did get caught taking a self portrait at an awkward moment. Bravery means baby steps. Also this hair is just fantastic. 

79 : 365 March 20

Lavender Hot Chocolate has become one of my favorite things this year and I have been on the hunt for the ingredients to make it on my own. I finally found it and I managed to find it locally! So I am very excited to start making my own!

80 and 81 : 365 March 21 and 22

If it wasn't for snapping these two pictures on my phone, these two days would have been days I failed in my mission to take a photo everyday. It's also so amazing what 24 hours can do for a plant.

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?

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