365 Project - Week 13

365 Project - Week 13

82 : 365 March 24

Breakfast of champions. I've been obsessed with pancakes again. This time apple.

83 : 365 March 24

A kissing photo I like, which is super weird. We went for a walk and I brought the camera. The trees are gloomy and I can't wait for spring to get here. 

84 : 365 March 25

Every time we start a new D&D campaign I am full of good intentions. I'll follow the story better, I won't allow myself to wander (OMG I wander so much...), I'll write up mini stories after each session and so on. It never sticks. Maybe this time we'll be different, but who knows. This character is an illusionist and all my hopes just might also be an illusion.

85 : 365 March 26

I woke up this morning full of purpose. Today was the day to clean up a few electronic messes. Starting with my email and bookmarks. I weeded my email from 87 to 5 and then opened up 92 tabs of bookmarks. As I went through deciding what to keep, what to share, I came across a local bookstore I had recently discovered in town but hadn't had a chance to go to. Their opening page talked about an event happening. An event happening tonight. A Room of One's Own had Sonya Renee Taylor coming to talk about her book and I knew I had to go and so I did. I managed to take a little video, about ten seconds worth and not a single picture. But I went, normally I take weeks to prepare for events and notice this quickly would never work for me. This time desire won over anxiety. And if you haven't read The Body Is Not An Apology, do. It's life changing. 

Also leaving me unsupervised in a bookstore is never a good idea. I did only come out with two and those were both because of the signing line path. This is only one of them. 

86 : 365 March 27

A failed soup. It looks delicious but it's not. 

It was my first attempt at making tomato soup. The recipe was 4 ingredients; crushed tomato, veggie broth, coconut milk, and butter. It sounded boring so I friend up some fresh garlic and onion and added that in. It made it better but barely. We blended it in the vitamix with a little sugar and it was still awful. I added red pepper flakes and cheddar cheese, still awful. Kevin added gold fish, red pepper flakes and as a last resort a little bit of his beer. It was better but still awful. I will maybe try again, but I am also going to try a different recipe. Do you have any kitchen fails?

87 : 365 March 28

I posted this one my Instagram but I wanted to post it here too

The thing about teachers, is they empower you to be more than what you are. They encourage you that you have strong days but that weak days are okay too. They believe fully in your own capabilities in the classroom and outside. The thing about teachers is that eventually their words start to become your own and you start to believe you are capable of what was once impossible. That’s when the magic starts to happen. I am so thankful for the many teachers in my life.

88 : 365 March 29

I have never liked the dentist. But this on,e at least, doesn't make it a terrible place to spend an hour. 

Happy Friday!!

How was your week?

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