As the end of December came roaring to a close I started looking for new ways of reflecting. Through my searching I discovered Susannah Conway and her "Let's make magic in 2018". Inside there was lots of unique ideas and information. But the thing that has stuck with me is the reflection questions she asked for each month. I enjoyed the questions and I wanted to record my thoughts on them, so here is the first three months of the year. 

January Reflections

1. How well have you tended to our physical needs this month?

I feel like I took good care of myself. I took time off yoga to heal from a sinus infection after seeing the doctor. On her recommendation I also began taking daily Excedrin. My eating habits are still a struggle. 

2. What are you craving right now?

Friendship, conversation. 

3. What do you wish you'd had more time for? 

Working out. Strength training and cardio with Kevin. I wish we had made that work. But I am grateful that we both listened to what our bodies needed. 

4. I am grateful for...

The fact that my time is mine and also for what I said in question 3. 

5. This month I learned...

That listening to my body is super important and something I actively need to do more often. 

February Reflections

1. What have you created this month?

Wings. They aren't completed yet but they are so close that I managed to make it work for a mini photo shoot for this post. So the wings you see are the wings I've been working on. Hopefully I'll be able to finish them soon and be brave enough to wear them outside.

2. What new experiences did you open up to?

I took Aerial yoga classes, three to be specific. It was beautiful, I love it so much more than regular yoga and want to install a aerial contraption in my house somehow. The bruises are worth it. 

3. Describe your impressions of 2018 so far?

My impressions are full of sadness. Teenagers are standing up and doing what adults should be doing. These children have great reason to be disappointed in their parents and grandparents. We are not giving them all they deserve. 

4. I am grateful for...

Certain laws that are enforced where I grew up. It allows me to know that most of my family and friends are safe living in Canada. A sort of safety net that you do not get here in the States. 

5. This month I learned...

That I love being upside. It is amazing and a wonderful thing. Now I just need to be brave enough to take a picture of me upside down. 

March Reflections

1. Who did you really connect with this month?

Irony... my insurance agent.

2. How much of your heart did you share?

A fair bit. It was nice to nerd out over books, feminism, food, and so much more. 

3. What was left unsaid? Why?

I left many things unsaid. Like hey want to be actual friends in real life? What to come over for a board game night with your husband? I don't know how to take a relationship from the professional setting to the personal setting. It's a rather scary adventure and it's silly to not try. I have literally nothing to loss. I ask, she says no. We keep it professional. I ask, she says yes, then maybe I've a new friend. 

4. I am grateful for...

Being able to just do the things we need when we need to do them. We made decisions and had the ability to put them into action immediately. This is due to being semi financially secure. It's a strange feeling. 

5. This month I learned...

I learned a heck of a lot about how car, medical, and property insurance work. We had a lot of tough conversations and made more decisions. I am glad we didn't try to do this sooner though because I would have thought it all crazy. I am at the right time of life to be putting more into insurance, to make sure we are both safe. It's a weird place to be. 

Do you have any reflections for the year so far?

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