365 Project - Week 10

365 Project - Week 10

61 : 365 March 2

Lately my grilled cheese sandwiches have been perfectly grilled. 

62 : 365 March 3

Moss on a tree trunk. Does this mean spring is coming?

63 : 365 March 4

Building furniture, it's a thing that happens far to often sometimes. 

64 : 365 March 5

I bought this at Woodmans. I wish I had done a time lapse. It's so beautiful. 

65 : 365 March 6

We bought a new bed recently. It's a foot and a half taller than our old bed. It's throwing my aim of things off a little. On the other hand it's so comfy and it's been a great few nights of sleep. Now we just need to get the legs cut down to a more appropriate level, buy new bedding, and it'll be perfect. 

66 : 365 March 7

Today we spent hours in front of a computer discussing health, life, disability insurance and serial numbers for insurance purposes. Adult conversations. We both would have preferred to have spent the evening playing video games, but such is life sometimes. 

67 : 365 March 8

I took a class regarding my camera tonight. It was good and helpful and I am glad I did it. 

How was your week?

Happy Friday

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