365 Project - Week 15

365 Project - Week 15

96 : 365 April 6

When the house is a disaster, life kinda feels like a disaster. 

I am happy to live in a home that doesn't often feel like a disaster. Another two weeks and we should have this mostly solved. Fingers crossed.

97 : 365 April 7

We went to Skeleton Circus and it was amazing. The first picture is has two ladies, one of which is teaches classes I go to regularly which is how I found out about this event. The other two pictures are acts that were also put on. It was a great show and a lot of fun to go to and I hope we can go again. 

98 : 365 April 8

Planting day. Repotting, rearranging, and hopefully a few new things too. 

The spinach babies from week 11 didn't make it. So I need a new plan. 

99 : 365 April 9

Food. We eat out far too much but on errand day I feel like it just can't be helped.

100 : 365 April 10

I have kinda stopped taking my camera out with me again. Which means the fear I was starting to get over is back and stronger than ever. I want to get back into the habit of bring it with me and being confident using it out in public. That is my end goal with this project. Bravery is hard.

101 : 365 April 11

I can not wait to see this in the middle of summer. I feel like it will be beautiful. 

102 : 365 April 12

Got a new piece in and it threw another piece out the window. This week is more returns and figuring out colors. 

Happy Friday?
What are your weekend plans?

Mine is yoga, video games, D&D. Should be fun!

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