Pressure to Be Productive

Pressure to Be Productive

My brother in law introduced me to The Tao of Pooh in 2014. He bought me the little book to read during our trip to Cuba. I attempted to read it but struggled to get through it. At the time, my life was insane and I couldn't follow the logic. I felt too overworked, stressed, and exhausted and had no mental capacity for the concepts in the book, even though they could have help.

A memory sticks out to me. One Christmas, I looked up from my phone and complained that I hadn't seen whatever my sister was showing off. To which, the other sister replied I was too busy on my phone to notice how long my sister had been trying to show me. I wasn't in the moment. There are many factors as to why I wasn't in the moment but, suffice it to say, I don't want to be the person who is with family but on my phone. Being a "Bisy Backson" as the book says is not my life goal.

The Bisy Backson is always going somewhere, somewhere he hasn’t been. Anywhere but where he is.
— The Tao of Pooh, page 97

Four years and a complete life style change later, I'm retrying. 

I started reading my book copy again and then got it on audio book. I figured the concepts might help me with some guilt I have towards how I spend my days. That guilt causes me to discount everything I do (writing, photography, and yoga), and laugh it off as unimportant or boring. It isn't that it is unimportant, it's just different from how most people live. If I laugh it off it allows others to do the same, and that is a huge source of frustration for me. If I want to be taken seriously, I need to take it my activities seriously.

I am lucky that I don't have to work and that I get to spend my time being creative. If I am happy with how my life is, then that is the best thing. Other's opinions don't matter and my guilt is something I am causing without reason.

My goal is to work through the guilt I have towards my slow days, my mental health days, and my hours spent on yoga, books, and social media. I want to enjoy smelling the roses, continue to see life as wonderful, and be in the moment. I want to do all these things, without discounting how important they are to me. 

My question to you dear reader is, What actions are you discounting due to pressure? And do you have Guilt towards things you do everyday?

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