365 Project - Week 16

365 Project - Week 16

103 : 365 April 13

Friday the thirteenth, an eerie day in the grocery store.
Do you think the day is creepy or have more of this approach?

104 : 365 April 14

The weather is doing crazy things this week. Rain in the morning, snow in the evening. I absolutely love the look of rain drops on glass.

105 : 365 April 15

The snow became inches and it's beautiful until you see how much salt is being thrown on the ground. Salt is horrible for the environment and it's done for very poor reasons, at least in my mind. We're in a state that gets snow often, so we could learn how to drive without clear roads and save the environment a little. This shows a pathway close to our house and the blue is all salt. It's worse in person.

106 : 365 April 16

I made the most amazing banana muffins. I have been buying store bought muffins for the last three weeks and I finally just bite the bullet and made my own. They turned out divine. 

107 : 365 April 17

I haven't been sleeping well. I use to be able to go for days without sleep now less than 7 hours every night turns me into a mess. I've been staying home and enjoying yummy food, instead of going out. 

108 : 365 April 18

These new candles are making a huge mess and I can't figure out where the breeze is even coming from. 

Day 108

109 : 365 April 19

First time the sun and I have come out. It's lovely to hear the snow melting. Also back to purple hair! Though you probably won't see it much on here until I get through all my silver hair pictures!

How was your week?

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