Being Boss, Part 1

What was supposed to be a simple book review got me thinking so much, that my thoughts couldn't be compiled into one post. So I am making it a mini series. I received Being Boss by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson free in exchange for an honest review. Be sure to check out the Being Boss website. There are no affiliated links within this series.

Part 1 - the values

Values are the guiding principles that direct you through life.
— Pg 43, Chapter 2, Boss Mindset

I have been my own boss since the end of 2014. My circumstances are special; I am not allowed to earn money nor am I allowed to work (see FAQs for the why). This has meant I have been of two mindsets:

1. I can do whatever I want, work my ass off, and when I can eventually work again, I will be set up for success.
2. I can do whatever I want, be lazy, and not network or build because there is no rush.

The problem with having these two mindsets is that one undermines the other. I currently switch between having months of working, networking, and setting myself up to months of nothingness. Those months of nothingness ruin the months of set up. 

Last week I wrote about feeling pressured for enjoying my slow days. Those slow days aren't a bad thing. In fact, they are what I am passionate about. Being boss is about turning your passions into something more. One of the first questions the book asks is "if money wasn't an issue what would you do?" My answer is write, read, take photographs, and lots of yoga. The question is how do I take that into a serious business, that while I can't earn from right now could actual be something in the future? This book is like a kick in the ass. It's the kick I needed, as well as a guide to where I want to go. To counter the months of nothing, I need to learn consistency, understand my values, and build my foundation.

Being Boss

Start with your core values

If you don't understand your core values, you will find yourself easily bullied into positions you don't want to be in or so says the book. I agree with this outlook and have personally experienced it. In my last long term job I was bullied into a position I didn't want to be in. It was terrible for my mental health and lead to even worse things happening. When it comes to this space, something I have always held to is authenticity. When I partner with anyone, business or individual, I need to know that they hold to that authenticity and will not try to force me to waver. It means I say no more than I say yes. I didn't realize it was a value until I was reading the value list given in Chapter 2 and I wasn't sure what my other values were until I mediated on the words listed. My core values turned out to be: authenticity, peace, creativity, community, and freedom. 

what those mean to me


As mentioned here, being true to myself and not allowing others to bully me into discomfort is important to me. I had the word authentic in my bio for years until the word became so overused people stopped trusting it. It might still be an overused word and people might be cautious of it, but it's the word that best describes what I am and so it's what I will use. 


Peace for me means, that everything I do is done in a peaceful manner. There's no anger, decisions are made logically, and it just feels right. I apply peace to my slow days, my mental health days, and my hours spent on yoga, books, and social media. It's everything I mentioned last week when I wrote about productivity. It's the removal of guilt brought on by societal pressures because I am choosing to live a little bit differently. 


Oh, this one is huge for me. I need to be creating. Everything hurts if I am not creating. It's natural to have my camera and take self portraits, and it's my favorite mindset to be in. 


I struggle the most when connecting with other people. However my communities are so important to me, be it online or in person. I definitely need to be brave, find a mentor, and dive deeper. 


After authenticity, freedom is always the next thing to come to mind. Because without freedom, I don't have peace, creativity, or community. I learned that in my last full time job. Those thing flew to the side because I was working for someone else.

Being Boss

Do you know your values?

Stay tune for part two on Wednesday

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