Being Boss, Part 2

What was supposed to be a simple book review got me thinking so much, that my thoughts couldn't be compiled into one post. So I am making it a mini series. I received Being Boss by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson free in exchange for an honest review. Be sure to check out the Being Boss website. There are no affiliated links within this series.

Part 2 - Try this

Effort. If you aren't willing to put in the work, you will not succeed. Five values are what you will hold to yourself while forging the path forward. I hadn't even finished chapter 2 before I was stopped in my tracks by the following tasks.

Task 1: What do you love about yourself?

Love one thing about yourself and the rest will follow - Bob the Drag Queen
— Pg 61, Chapter 2, Boss Mindset

Loving yourself is not easy. There are days when I love many or all things about myself and days when simply loving myself is too much to ask. Consistently through all my years, the fact that I do not need nor seek approval from others has always been something I love. Seeing others shackled by the need for approval, has made me try to avoid that at all costs, from refusing to get baptized (even though I couldn't word the why's) to moving into a place on my own. My choices have always been my own and not something I was pressured into. This translates into the working world by my ability to stand by my values as an employee and as a budding business woman. As an employee I wasn't always able to control what role I was forced into, but I was able to control the values I held in each of those roles. As a business women it means I can stand by my decisions. 

Task 2:  Create a mantra around the values you identified earlier in this chapter.

The mantras that I am working on and envisioning:

I have the freedom to be my authentic self. 
I am surrounded by a loving community that allows me to grow as a creative person.
Mindful moments equal peace.

Task 3: Turn on your taxi light.

You probably have to read the few paragraphs on this for this task to make sense. But it's basically when you are in public or your work zone, turn yourself on. What I liked most about this is the conversation around rejections: 

By making a game of it and seeing how many “nos” we can collect, we are more likely to put ourselves out there in the first place and less likely to take rejection personally, and we will inevitably score opportunities and big wins we wouldn’t have had otherwise.
— Pg 63, Chapter 2, Boss Mindset

My mindset is my biggest struggle and what I need to work through the most. Looking at rejection like a game and something to be proud of could help me turn my mindset around. 

Task 4: What would you do if you weren't afraid?

So many things. In fact I think this needs to be it's own post, so stay tuned for that. 

Task 5: What's the last thing you freaked out about?

My bedroom, my living room, the new class I am taking, my camera. The Skype dates I have planned. The lunch dates I am planning. I freak out so frequently that the freaking out is just a natural part of who I am that it no longer stops me. It might however make me an hour early for an appointment.

Task 6: Meditate for just five minutes.

I used to show up early for yoga specifically so I could meditate, but since my 90 days of yoga I have been far too impatient to sit there and do that. I love the meditation suggestion in the book and I have added that into my day.

Task 7: Write down what you're grateful for everyday.

I have written about my dislike for gratitude before and I've come to the realization that it's the word I dislike and not the action. The action itself is very powerful. Choosing to be thankful for the everyday things and acknowledging them is so important and I have so much to be grateful for. However the word is what bothers me. I need to find a way to do the action without the distaste of the word. I might just buy a small black notebook and just fill it with words that make me happy for every day instead. A happiness journal or such. 

Mini tasks

One: make a toast to the little victories you've accomplished in the past month. 
Two: share your favorite book, podcast, or television show with a friend.
Three: share a helpful tip, trick, or tactic you've recently learned that makes work easier. 
Four: mail your favorite clients or creative peers a postcard with a love note on it. 
Five: be a tourist in your own city. 
Six: send a friend an article that made you think of her.
Seven: challenge yourself to stop complaining. 

All the tasks ask a lot of you and my biggest thing is I don't want to lose the momentum. I have many goals and it's time to take solid steps towards completing them. 

Do you do any of these tasks? What are your thoughts on the book so far? Check out the other parts of this series here

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