365 Project - Week 17

365 Project - Week 17

110 : 365 April 20

These two photos represent two very different things. But both are significant to me. Left is the morning sunshine, the open window, and the sound of birds. Right is my newest plant. On day 74 I shared a small picture of a rose bush I had recently gotten and I already managed to kill it. Over watering really got me this time, too big of a pot. So I replaced him with a Boston fern. Fingers crossed I'll have better luck. I'm not the best with plants...

111 : 365 April 21

Saturday morning tea with my favorite person. 

112 : 365 April 22

I will always love finding new blossoms.

113 : 365 April 23

I love my desk space! Having a standing desk is weird and has definitely changed how I approach work.

Do you stand or sitting when your working?

114 : 365 April 24

Finding a reflection in a puddle was not what I was expecting. But I am glad that the snow is melting and while it looks ugly all piled up there, the puddles it is making are kinda beautiful. So happy to have spring showing up, even if I can't seem to find any flowers (outside of the ones in my house) I'll take what I can get. 

115 : 365 April 25

A bath and a drink. I've started using twitter again. I decided that each day I will write about what I do. It's starts off with "Today I..." and goes on a few lines of tasks I did. Yesterday I didn't include the worst things, but I think that's okay. I ended the night here, reading a book and just enjoying my space. Exactly what I needed. 

116 : 365 April 26

Chores... something that you learn as a child and realize as an adult never goes away. 

Happy Friday!

How was your week?

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