Cheek Bone Migraine

My migraines should probably have their own tag. I, of course, don't actually want that because it would make it seem bigger than I think it is. It's been so good for the past year, ever since I saw the doctor and got help. We created a plan and then when that messed up my weight and hair, we switched to something else and things have been so much better. I wasn't cured but eating right, exercising often, vitamins and a few other things put me on maintainable path and I have felt good

Until about four weeks ago.

They started again and felt a million times worse than ever before. These were a different type of migraine. Deep and piercing, the kind that can not be massage or pressure point pushed until better. The kind that no meds I have, affect. Two or three a week of blinding pain in my right check spiraling up and around my eye socket and throbbing down my jaw. Affecting my vision, my sense of taste, and my overall ability to function. 

You wanna talk fears for a moment?

Losing my eye sight is the biggest one. Quite literally everything I do is based on my eyesight; photographer, reading, blogging, video games. I could go on. Yoga is probably one of the few things I could do without seeing. It would be an adjustment, but doable. I would rather loose every other sense except my eyes. I cry over my vision and when affected by stabbing pain all that can be done is, curl up in a tiny ball and hope it goes away.

The biggest question is why did they suddenly come back?

Spring usually means a few more migraines but never this bad. It's taken me a bit to piece it all together and I think it comes down to anxiety. This past month there have been a few changes in my home. My home is my ultimate safe space. I have never had a place that's felt like this to me. I don't have the words to describe how it makes me feel. The slightest change or adjustment, even for the better, sent me spiraling more than I realized. Your emotional health affects your physical health. I didn't fully understand that until I started to acknowledge my body's presence. 

There isn't much I can do about the migraines besides acknowledge my feelings and learning to better deal with my anxiety. It's a life long journey. So my question to you, is have you acknowledged your body's presence and have you ever notice a correlation between you physical health and emotional health?

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