365 Project - Week 14

365 Project - Week 14

89 : 365 March 30

Well Good Morning to You!

I was bored and in Walmart and saw this pair of ears and while these photos kinda worked for Easter I already had posts lined up and I couldn't think of anything to write with it. So instead here's my head, neck, and shoulders floating a bit in white cloud. 

90 : 365 March 31

I really wanted today to be a picture of Kevin. But we both had migraines and were super tired. So we just relaxed and enjoyed our time instead and I only took this picture at the last minute because I didn't want to forget about the project. I am rereading milk and honey and attempting a yoga anatomy book. One I love and one I am struggling with.

Also can we just talk about how my bathtub is still stained from the jelly bombs I tried in week four?? I have scrubbed and scrubbed and it still hasn't come out. Thinking I'll fill the tub with bleach and water next because seriously it looks terrible. 

91 : 365 April 1

Kevin's job has done wonderful things for us. It allows me to not feel stressed about being unable to work. It allows us to pay our bills, pay off our debt, and still have the ability to do things. A weird part though, is how we have grown as individuals. Before his interview, we had been apart maybe two nights since we'd started dating, we literally did everything together. Now he has to take minimum 4 days on work trips every year and every year we make the decision for me not go with. Financially it doesn't make sense for me to go, emotionally it sucks. Every year I get more comfortable being on my own and even if I don't enjoy it, I'm glad to be okay. Hopefully this time we'll both get a little more sleep than before!

92 : 365 April 2

This weeks treat.

93 : 365 April 3

It started off with rain. Which I would have been okay with. April showers brings May Flowers. But then it grew into snow and that just isn't cool. 

94 : 365 April 4

I've been coming here for 8 weeks now to do a class and it's been amazing, so I've signed up to come here twice a week. It's a long drive but the class is worth it. Maybe one day I'll tell you what that class is. But for now it's fun and I'm happy to have a secret. 

95 : 365 April 5

This drink reminds me of spring and with snow on the ground I figured I could use a taste of what is to come. 

Happy Friday!

How was your week?

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