365 Project - Week 19

365 Project - Week 19

124 : 365 May 4

And the cow bikes are back. I always enjoy seeing these.

125 : 365 May 5

First stop the outdoor farmers market. A happy place full of people and plants. I wish it was more plants than people, but that's why I walk the outside lines and only drop into the crowd when I see something I want to check out. This trip, netted 5 new plants. Once I get my "garden" set up for the year I'll write up a post!

126 : 365 May 6

This is how we spend the weekend. Eating good snacks and playing video games

127 : 365 May 7

This corner use to be a beautiful grove of the most amazing trees. They were tall, with thick trunks, thick branches and all of them had lived through the winter storms. The trees on the other side of the street didn't make it through the winter, they were cracked and broken and it was sad. But this is the corner that the city decided to destroy instead. I feel like every new foot of pavement there should be a tree plant, every tree count down two planted to takes it's place. Yes this road needs to be expanded and I will be thankful for when it's complete but it's also a little sad. In Alberta progress never bothered me because it was just another field of corn being destroyed. But in Wisconsin it's all these lovely trees. 

128 : 365 May 8

My mood is shit today so I didn't want to pull out my camera. Yoga class helped improve my mood but not my desire to shoot. 

129 : 365 May 9

I am looking for a coffee table for the living room. The space needs something and I want it to be unique. But if it could also match the end table that would be cool. I feel like this is really expensive for a coffee table, but it is solid, so...

130 : 365 May 10

One day I'll do more than a walk by shoot of this place. 

Happy Friday! I hope it's a beautiful day for you! 

What plans do you have for the weekend?

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