365 Project - Week 20

365 Project - Week 20

131 : 365 May 11

I have a love hate relationship with rainy days. 

It's so beautiful but gloomy. I need the sun but I love the feeling of warm rain. 

132 : 365 May 12

Strawberries and cream for breakfast!

133 : 365 May 13

I've taken this shot before, but it was blurry and the set up was different. This still isn't a great photo but it's the only one I was up to taking that day. The fact that it's improved, makes me happy. 

134 : 365 May 14

We are back to playing Stardew Valley, except on true multiplayer mode. It's addictive and fun and we are glad to both have two screens so we can have tasks on the right and the game on the left. Any one else out there playing?

135 : 365 May 15

In Alberta, Canada you hardly ever saw dandelions, because the cities always sprayed them away. But here in Wisconsin they are everywhere and while they are absolutely a weed, I think fields of yellow are pretty. 

136 : 365 May 16

I went somewhere and there was this adorable game. It seriously is the best packaging ever!

137 : 365 May 17

I treated myself to a float. It was amazing

How are you treating yourself this week?

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