Being Boss, Part 4

What was supposed to be a simple book review got me thinking so much, that my thoughts couldn't be compiled into one post. So I am making it a mini series. I received Being Boss by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson free in exchange for an honest review. Be sure to check out the Being Boss website. There are no affiliated links within this series.

Part 4 - Routines

I wrote a morning routine post back in 2016. It's amazing how much things have changed since then and how toxic that routine now looks to me (which makes me hesitant to even link it, but there it is). My new routine is much more relaxed and maybe one day I will write about it. Today however I want to talk about my dream day. Chapter 3, in Being Boss has a worksheet with questions to fill out regarding your dream day. My answers didn't really surprise me, what did was the connection between my values and routines. 

Values: Authenticity, Peace, Creativity, Community, Freedom. Keywords in my routine: Slow, Peaceful, Stretching, Kevin, Garden. 

My dream routine

Where are you when you wake up? How do you spend your morning? What are you wearing? What's the environment?

We wake up slowly, in our own time, in a house that we have built. Our bedroom has beautiful large windows that allows morning light to stream in. From my position in the bed, there are doors to the left that open up to the greenhouse that has an aerial silk in the middle. Kevin is on my right and as we blink our eyes open, it's water, snuggles, and a scroll through social media. When we drift out of bed it's me to the silk to stretch when listening to an audiobook or podcast while Kevin gets ready for his work day. Then we have breakfast together. Kevin heads off to work and I get dressed, in my soft comfortable clothing. Yoga pants, tank top, sweater. With a cup of tea in hand I head into my office on the other side of the house. The rest of the day look something like this;

Mondays - The scheduled stuff: post at 8 am, yoga at 12:30 pm, Kevin home for 5 pm. Hours in between: writing, editing, photos, clients, gardening. The evening spent catching up on mail, budget, and paperwork together, then games or movies. 
Tuesdays - The scheduled stuff: yoga at 11 am, Kevin home for 5 pm, a quick dinner together, aerial yoga at 7:30 pm. Hours in between: writing, editing, photos, clients, gardening. 
Wednesdays - The scheduled stuff: post at 8 am, yoga at 11 am, aerial yoga at 6 pm. Hours in between: writing, editing, photos, clients, gardening. The late evening spent together. 
Thursdays - My off day, day of errands, catching up on all things life and work related. The evening spent on whatever tasks we need to do together out of the house. Ideally this would be the only night we eat out. 
Fridays - The scheduled stuff: post at 8 am, yoga at 8 am and 9:30 am, Kevin home for 5 pm. Hours in between: writing, editing, photos, clients, gardening. The evening with friends or hanging out together. 

Weekends are something all together different. They are for adventures and whatever we feel the need for. 

Being Boss, Part 4

The reality

Besides dreaming of my dream house and daily access to aerial silks, most of this is possible. I can do all these things. Which is probably why the last question is asking you to commit. Pick one element of this ideal day and start incorporating it into your present-day reality for the next for days. I am choosing not to snooze, it's gonna be hard. 

What would you choose?

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