365 Project - Week 18

365 Project - Week 18

117 : 365 April 27

I didn't actually take a single photo for day 117. It wasn't until I was editing this photo that I realized it was taken after midnight, so that would make it the 28. But it was meant for the 27, so I am using it for that day. It's not a great picture and that's because I wasn't in the mood to try. I was DD for some people this night, it's been a while since I've DD and it's always been something I've enjoyed doing it. Seeing people home safely is important to me. 

118 : 365 April 28

Many hours of sirens today. Not something I usually hear, what's even more unusual is their visit to the building next to mine twice in one day.

Is this considered a creepy neighbour photo??

119 : 365 April 29

Just a quick shot of my favorite person before he jumps out of the car.

120 : 365 April 30

I have no idea what these are but I found them on my walk today and I think they are pretty.

121 : 365 May 1

This mug is from The Fuck It Society and I love it. Also steam bubbles!! I always struggle to capture those!

122 : 365 May 2

My book wouldn't get out of my head on my drive to yoga, so I took it into class because I was early and slowly worked my way into the mood for class. It was perfect and this book just has me craving faerie stories even more. 

123 : 365 May 3

These photos probably don't make sense without context. But I wanted to record them, because they reflect change. This is a wall in our house that we are redesigning. It's gonna look a little different give or take a month or two. I am excited for how it will look and enjoy the process in between. 

Happy Friday! 

I hope you have had the best week! I would love to hear about it below!

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