365 Project - Week 22

365 Project - Week 22

145 : 365 May 25

Some days you just need donuts and so that's what we did. 

146 : 365 May 26

One member down and the party is almost defeated by spiders. They are gigantic spiders... But rolling three ones definitely didn't help things. 

147 : 365 May 27

Last week we ordered pizza and while it tasted absolutely delicious, however my tummy hated it. But I've still been craving pizza so we walked to a place nearby and got mini pizza. Not only were the pizzas amazing but we were able to customize our order. No upset tummy and not a huge ton of leftovers either. Also I haven't had grape soda in years!

148 : 365 May 28

I've been struggling with finding bedding ever since we got our new bed. I need to find a appropriately sized king duvet, preferably in matte black, soft cotton, and heavy. Currently leaning towards this one, but I'd really prefer to not have the tucks and it comes with so many extra things. I'm at a loss as to what to do, but hopefully it just means I haven't found the right place yet. 

149 : 365 May 29

I didn't even notice the bugs until I uploaded it. I was so focused on finding and shooting the perfect dandelion fluff before it blew away in the breeze. 

150 : 365 May 30

Rain droplets are so amazing and all I was wishing for was a macro lens so I could get right up and get the details I wanted. One day I'll get there. 

151 : 365 May 31

The cotton is just raining down. It's almost impossible to capture and this is the best I could do. 

My legs, arms, and eyes hated me for it. But I think it was worth it. 

Happy Friday!

I hope you have an awesome weekend ahead of you. Share how your week was below!

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