The Strawberry Ant

It began a year ago with the purchase of a greenhouse. Dreams of fresh strawberries picked off the vine and delivered straight into ones mouth. The greenhouse blew apart but the dream did not. A new year, a new chance to try. 

Earlier on sunny morning walking through the market she saw it. It was standing tall and bright, waving gently in the breeze. She rushed over and picked it up, gazing lovingly at it while her husband paid for it. Once home, she found the perfect pot and the perfect spot. Now everyday while sitting at her desk she could watch it grow.

At first it was just one or two. With the window open it seemed they were coming through there. It was a bit of a shock as these things shouldn't be granted access to a third story window, but there they were. She smashed them with tissue while gentle watering her beautiful strawberry plant. Then there was a little berry and she sadly plucked it off. This plant was to last for years to come and it's first year of growth was to only focus was to be on roots and leaves.

One morning while sitting at her desk it was no longer one or two but ten. Upset she smashed and smashed and eventually made her way to where the beautiful plant was sitting. A quick and frustrated glance caused her to stop, take a deep breathe, and then a deeper look. The beautiful strawberry plant was covered in the little beasts. Forty or fifty covering each little stem. Aghast she stood staring at her little plant. Carefully picking it up, she walked towards the patio and gently set it down outside and closed the door.

Everyday she went out to water it. Her house no longer had any little beasts but still they surrounded the plant and she was desperate to do something. A little plant poison and more water and while the plant was still thriving it was also still infested. 

And the girl came to terms that the plant would not become part of a beautiful indoor garden she could harvest delicious berries from. 

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I'm a lifestyle blogger, covering deep subjects including body images, battles with food, and overcoming how I was raised. I try to be as authentic as possible and I don’t sugar coat how I see things.