Filtering Thoughts

Filtering Thoughts

My head tends to ramble a far bit. Most times the rambles stick until I write it out but sometimes those rambles aren't enough for a full post. This is a small look into the things my brains been blundering about on.

Sad Frustrations

- The many pre-approved credit card applications Kevin has gotten since we got our car. Ridiculous. No wonder there's so much debt. You are constantly bombarded with messages of pre-approved for $500, no interest for a year in large print with tiny letters on the back page saying the horrible rules. I am thankful for my time in banking because it is so easy to fall for this marketing.

- The many pre-approved credit card applications I have gotten since getting my ITIN number. I have no credit history in the states. The ITIN doesn't actually work for applications and I am not working. Part of me wants to sign up just to see if it would actually work but I doubt it.

- How my information is so easily sold. Can I please get a cut of the funds you make from selling my information? Maybe that will make up for the destruction of trees for wasted paper for things I do not want. Or the hours wasted on phone calls removing myself from their sale lists even though these calls tend to not work (captial one I'm looking at you!).

- The goal of 300 yoga classes for 2018. Results so far, 119 classes in 151 days. Will I be successful, no idea. However, I am working towards it and the goal of 300 might be there but my enjoyment in the task, is more important. Ironically the studio has noticed how much I come and made me June's Yogi of the Month. Which is a little weird. 

- Facebook! I don't think Facebook should be able to tell me how many things I can like in a day or how many accounts I can follow. I also think that if their algorithms are so awesome that every time I log in I should be seeing new things and not the same posts from the same 5 people. I know there's more new posts than just that. I mean, it's all Facebook talks about is how there's too many posts to see, so why I am not seeing new things?

- Recipes that say "from scratch" but main ingredient is a roll of Pillsbury dough from the store. Or bakers mix. Or pre-made anything really! If your recipe includes a roll of Pillsbury dough, it's not a complete recipe and it's not from scratch. It's half-assed. If your recipe for cheese sticks includes buying bread already made, it's not even a recipe. 

- Weird government things. For example, you mail your taxes in late, get charged late fees. In our case a fee of $5. Not a big deal, it's my fault. Except when you go to pay, you can't do it online, you have to mail a cheque. They provide an envelope without a stamp. Ummm what?? At least in Canada you had options, first they provide an envelope with a stamp and then there's the online options or in bank options. It's the 21st century. It'd be great if we could adjust to the conveniences of this day and age. Cheque costs 25 cents, envelope 10 cents, and posting and tracking costs $6.75. I seriously debated just leaving it for next year.

- Patio season and smoking. One of my favorite things to do is sit on a patio. Whether that's my patio or at a restaurant where I am paying to enjoy some amazing food. What I don't want is someone else's smoke ruining my experience. As someone how is highly allergic to most of the outside world, I really enjoy the safety of a patio. To have in infiltrated with smoke sucks and not just because I'm allergic to smoke! I miss Alberta's smoking laws though I love Wisconsin's greenery. 

What thoughts has your brain be rambling on about?

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