365 Project - Week 24

365 Project - Week 24

159 : 365 June 8

I came home to darkness. The underground parking was full black, not even the emergency lights were on. All the hallways leading up to my apartment were blacked out except for the exits signs. It's fairly creepy and if it had been late at night I would not have wanted to go in. But it was daylight out and so the blinding brightness of my own apartment was very welcome. Makes for a pretty creepy photo though!

160 : 365 June 9

We were suppose to get our dining room table this week but when they finally responded to my email it was to say it was delayed another month. We used the table from the patio for a bit, but it's just not comfy. So we are sitting around the island. Not something we've done really, since we got the bar stools but it works. Also bananas.

161 : 365 June 10

We went for a walk at the Botanical Gardens. The spring blooms were beautiful. This picture isn't amazing or anything but it's been ages since I've seen a large bumblebee. I see lots of wasps but rarely a bee and I tried to capture it while staying as far away as possible. Which wasn't an easy task!

162 : 365 June 11

On my way to yoga this lady was in front of me. I want to rock her style when I'm in my 80s, just with purple hair 😂

This lady is awesome and we need more like her in the world.

163 : 365 June 12

While Wisconsin is definitely home, there are aspects that I am struggling with. Allergies being the main one. It is hard to breathe, it is hard to see, and it is hard to get access to medication that works easily. I don't know what this is going to mean in the long term but for the moment I am glad that while the medical system is messed up, I have access and privilege that gets me in the door and on a path to less physical suffering. 

164 : 365 June 13

Our brains, our perception, our morals. They are always changing and growing. Realizing something you once thought was right is actually wrong. Or that something you thought was good for you is actually the worst thing possible. How we view the world is important but allowing ourselves to change and grow is even more important. Becoming stagnant is something you should not ever want. Because once you become still, there's no telling how long it will take to get you moving and then you might as well be dead. 

165 : 365 June 14

Gray... Everything I own is gray. It's beautiful and yet sometimes I miss black. 

Happy Friday? 

How are you handling your week?

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