365 Project - Week 25

365 Project - Week 25

166 : 365 June 15

Our bedroom is slowly coming together again. Right now I am looking for the right pillows and while I have been finding lots of options none have been quite right.

167 : 365 June 16

We went to a picnic today. It was blazing hot and glorious. My shoulders are slightly sunburnt and we spent most of our time exploring the buildings and countryside over hanging out with the massive crowds. I should have taken a picture outside but I was distracted by this. It's a pretty way to do a flouresant light. 

168 : 365 June 17

It bothered me that the photo from day 154 was blurry. So I tried again. It turned out much better. Though lighting probably has a lot to do with that!

169 : 365 June 18 

On this day weird things happened. It started with me not being able to find a parking spot at my yoga studio, so I had to park a block away. I made it to class on time and during class it started to rain. The rain was so loud the teacher had to tune the music down (and it wasn't loud to start with) and raise her voice. Getting out of class it was the debate of waiting for it to stop or just walking to the car in the rain anyways. I choose to go. This is the halfways point. I was completely soaked, my mat was soaked, my hair was soaked. I am actually surprised that my phone managed to capture some of the raindrops! It was coming down hard enough that the drops bounced on the concrete. I made it to the car and it immediately stopped raining 😊. Sometimes being soaked by the rain would suck. But then there are days like today where it's 32 degrees (or 89 depending on what you use) and it just feels refreshing. 

170 : 365 June 19

The view out our hotel window. One day I would love to have a house with a pergola covered like this. It's one of my most favorite things about living in a wet, high humidity place. 

171 : 365 June 20

We went on an adventure. It was stressful and yet also beautiful. I didn't take tons of photos. But the ones I did take are beautiful and I love them so much!

172 : 365 June 21

I'm just gonna come right out and say it. This picture is not from today, it's from yesterday. Because yesterday I got to see Ijeoma Oluo the author of So You Want to Talk About Race. This book has made a huge impact on my life. I wasn't brave enough to take her picture any closer. Though I did get my book signed. I am so thankful for the opportunity to hear her speak and for the words in her book. If you haven't read her book, do it. If you are like me and struggling through physically reading books on more serious topics. Get the audiobook and listen to one chapter a week when your driving. This is a book that will make you question your privilege and question the whiteness of things around you. 

Happy Friday!

Tell me how your week went! And I hope your weekend is full of everything you need. 

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