Not Every Plant Story Ends in Horror

Not Every Plant Story Ends in Horror

Not every plant story ends in horror. But for every ten plants the records show that maybe one will survive. At least for this gardener.

For the most part edible plants have never succeeded. Beyond the spinach there's been lavender, thyme, onion, and basil. The basil is still holding on. After the great basil divide, it's slowly growing back, one small leaf at a time. It's mate long gone. Fingers are crossed for the little guy. A new pot has been prepared for him, should he choose to live. The new pot will allow for him to grow deeper roots and hopefully help him bloom even more. Blooms might be the wrong word, new leaves are more what we are looking for. Though a basil plant can bloom, it's not quite what is wanted.  

The gardener very much wants blooms and with the failure of the rose, tried some beautiful Primulas and Pansys. Lovely plants found one day at the botanical garden. The were repotted and watched, because the blooms were beautiful for a week or two. They were loved very much by the gardener but alas it was not meant to be. One day, she noticed little aphids flying around and like the strawberry ants both plants were heavily infested. They were moved outside where the weather beat them to pieces. 

Tropical plants seem to be the only thing the girl can keep alive. Ivy the Pothos, has snaked her way across the wall and Millie the Dracaena, has grown to be seven feet tall. Anna the Aloe, has a new spot in the sun and now stand thick, tall, and bright. Rub the Rubber Plant is fully green and no longer yellow. The darker his leaves the happier he seems to be. Though there have been loss on that front too, it's not as frequent. Recently Joey the Boston Fern, joined the family and has taken her spot proudly with a huge fluff of dark green leaves. 

The cacti were attacked by the girl just like the rose bush was, but she realized it soon enough that some were saved. Gone is the Moon the purple cacti and two others. But Spike the Orange Cacti and Sonic the Round both accepted their new homes well and seem to be doing fine. Bruce the Zebra Cacti recently bloomed and Maggie the Jade needs a new home but the girl is afraid of making the change in case it all goes wrong. Lastly is Charlie, the one plant whose family name is unknown. He is growing very slowly but steadily. 

So yes, not every plants story has ended in horror. But it's closer than one would like.

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