365 Project - Week 26

365 Project - Week 26

173 : 365 June 22

These are so cute and might work for my bedside lamp. But they are battery operated! Why is everything battery operated?

174 : 365 June 23

Kevin and I went to a bakery close to home. For $26 we got this feast plus a chocolate milk, a donut, a meringue cookie, and two beniegets. It was all delicious and gone too soon.

175 : 365 June 24


There are two in this picture, though one ducked down before I could capture it. It's rare to see cranes and two at once seems extra special.

Day 175

176 : 365 June 25

The desire to build my own house is quite strong. It won't be happening for many years yet, so for the moment I enjoy watching other buildings go up. It's an interesting process. Though I do wonder what could be done regarding waste.

177 : 365 June 26

Today was an experiment in food photography. This angle did not work unless I made the photo square and I very rarely make my photos truly square.But it was fun to set up. I like the colors and while it's far from perfect I think it's still pretty awesome. 

178 : 365 June 27

I was driving along when I spotted these and I immediately parked, ran across the road and got as close as a could. They covered almost all the grass surrounding this building and are so beautiful. 

179 : 365 June 28

Most times when I am driving my phone is on the passenger seat and I don't look at it or touch it. But the sunset was so beautiful that I made an exception and took pictures while driving. If I knew how to easily get on the lake I probably would have pulled over and captured it properly. 

Happy Friday!
I hope you had a beautiful week! What are you doing this weekend?

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