Hot Spinach

One cold morning a girl woke up with a desire. The desire was strong and after many days was still fresh in her mind. So she finally did something about it. Heading to a store she picked up a seeds, starter dirt, and grow pots. Once home she filled two pots with the perfect amount of dirt, placed three seeds one knuckle deep into the dirt, covered them up and lightly watered. As it was still winter, a grow light was placed above the pots and the waiting began. 

You don't have to wait long when circumstances are right and little sprouts were soon seen. First one little vine and then a second. They grew for a bit and soon were an inch tall. The girl was happy and thrilled with her progress. Continuing with little daily waterings, she hoped to see them flourish. 

But it was not to be. Five days of beautiful growth and one morning she woke up to find the little plants shriveled into nothing. Sighing sadly the girl tried again. Two little pots, again filled with dirt and three little seeds. Little sprouts were soon seen and she was excited but wary. They seemed to be doing well, they were a little thicker then the previous ones though not as tall. 

As soon as she had decided these were the ones that were going to live, she woke the next morning to shriveled up stems. Disheartened she gave up on the seeds and began to look for other ways of growing her hearts desire. One morning at the farmers market there they were four perfect little spinach plants. Three inches tall with thick leaves that were a bright, beautiful green. 

Happily they were brought home and potted next to the basil plant. For a time all seemed well, they thrived. She watered them carefully every other day, checking for bugs and anything else that might make them unhappy. 

Slowly though she notice that they were not thriving, they were beginning to shrivel. It wasn't as fast as it had been before because they were bigger and so she began to water them daily. Still she watched them slowly shrivel up until there was nothing left but the sad remains of four little plants. Frustrated she turned to the internet and lamented her troubles, when a kind friend asked her the temperature of her house. "76°F" she cried, only to then be sent a link. 

Spinach is a cool weather crop that grows best when daytime temperature remain consistently below 75°F–commonly in spring or fall

Her dream of growing her own salads crushed by the heat of her house. Not one to be held back by crushed dreams, the girl looked to another plant she might grow and soon she began to plot how to make that dream come true. 

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