365 Project - Week 23

365 Project - Week 23

152 : 365 June 1

We went for dinner and ice cream, all within walking distance of our house. It's definitely not a habit I want to be in but with the beautiful weather it's nice to be able to walk and enjoy time together. 

153 : 365 June 2

D&D - a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Though it's hard not to look at the DM's screen.

154 : 365 June 3

Not the best photo but the only one I took for the day. At Starbucks doing our normal Sunday thing.

155 : 365 June 4

I think peonies are my favorite flower and yet I have not bought any this year. 

156 : 365 June 5 

We bought an indoor grill. It's silly that this had to be a purchase but we grill like 95% of our food and we aren't allowed a BBQ on the patio so this was the best solution. We had a cheap one for the past year but it was pretty terrible. This one has temperature control, different trays for different things, and a bunch of other features. Pretty sure it will live on the counter.

157 : 365 June 6

It rained heavy today. So bad that I ended up driving 20mph on the highway because I couldn't see two feet in front of the car. But when I got to my destination the clouds parted, the sun shined, and it was so beautiful. The clouds make extraordinary shapes when rain is around. 

158 : 365 June 7

There's a bunny hiding in the bush. There were two in this area as I was walking through. I couldn't get a picture of them both as they are so quick. But this one stopped just long enough for me to snap one picture before bounding away. 

This week has been up and down for me. But Friday is here and that means the next 72 hours are going to be spent with my favorite person. No idea what we are gonna do but it'll be awesome. 

Any plans for the weekend?

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