The Thing That Lead Me to Stop Wearing Flip Flops

The Thing That Lead Me to Stop Wearing Flip Flops

I have sprained my left ankle over a dozen times in my life. It started with jumping off a trampoline when I was a kid and last happened three years ago because of an awesome pair of shoes. Since moving to Wisconsin my feet have constantly been swelling. Its became something I just expect to happen and not something I worried about. Then a yoga teacher was talking about injury and causation and I started to wonder about preventing sprains. I began to work on my ankles and focusing on strengthening the feet and leg muscles. My swelling got worse but I haven't had a sprain in a few years. The swelling though was noticed my my massage therapist, who made a comment. 

"stop wearing flip flops, find a shoe with support around the ankle" he worded it much nicer than this...

Now I am a person who hates wearing shoes. I don't wear socks and if I could get away with it I would go everywhere without shoes. So flip flops have always been the closest I could get. But my current pair of flip flops were worn and I needed a replacement. I couldn't find any I liked so I decided to look at different styles of sandals and found these.

Two months of wearing them and I've noticed a few things.

1. My feet swell very little now and usually only when I do a massive amount of walking or sit on them for too many hours. 
2. My foot and ankle feel stronger. Even after two years of almost daily stretches, with a focus on the foot and calf, it felt like I wasn't making a difference. Change of shoes did it.

Support is so important. I've just never really applied it to my body. It's amazing how much of a difference this has made and now it has me wondering where else I am lacking in support. Of course, this also means that come winter I might be investing in a pair of high top converse!

Have you ever had something make a small but impactful difference in your life?

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