365 Project - Week 28

365 Project - Week 28

187 : 365 July 6

Getting my hair refreshed. Best booster there is.

188 : 365 July 7

I made cupcakes and icing. It was really good, but I think next time I will try to make something new.

189 : 365 July 8

We've been exploring different parts of Madison and I am sad that we discovered this store after we bought our new desks because they had much better and prettier ones available. But you only learn things like this through experience and so I've learned that the things I picture are usually possible if I wait.

190 : 365 July 9 

Most days I still can't believe how green it is here.

191 : 365 July 10

I hate going shopping. But I finally made it to Victoria Secret and they actually had my favorite style and fabric available and on a "sale". So I picked up a bunch. I really wish they had better tags, because cutting these off is super annoying and I've learned from experience it's not worth trying to rip them off. I honestly hate supporting companies like VS and would love to shop elsewhere but have a hard time finding something I like.

192 : 365 July 11

This reminds me of babies breath. Maybe it is, I've no idea. Can such a plant grow in the wild? Either way, I found a field of flowers and it is beautiful. 

193 : 365 July 12

A random staircase I found and explored for a bit. It gave me an idea and I hope that I was able to capture it the right way. Now to find an edit I like enough to share. 

Happy Friday!!
How was your week?

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