Reflections, Part 2

As the end of December came roaring to a close I started looking for new ways of reflecting. Through my searching I discovered Susannah Conway and her "Let's make magic in 2018". Inside there was lots of unique ideas and information. But the thing that has stuck with me is the reflection questions she asked for each month. I enjoyed the questions and I wanted to record my thoughts on them.

Part 2 below


What dreams have you worked towards this month?

I put words to what I want. It's not finished yet but it's started and building. My being boss series helped, all the classes I took and am signed up for also helped. 

Where did you spend most of your energy?

Reading and putting steps into my Being Boss plan. It didn't go completely the way I wanted but that's what plans are for, changing and adjusting. I am excited. 

What's helped you refill the well?

Kevin and video games. Always makes me feel better. 

I am grateful for...

Being true to myself and understanding that failure isn't always a bad thing. 

This month I learned...

To trust my gut and go with it even if it means losing money. 


Did you go anywhere new this month?

I did. I went to Manna Cafe & Bakery to met a few ladies from a facebook book group I am part of. It was something I initiated within the group and somehow managed to pull off. Three lovely ladies met with me and it was a great time to be around people and chat about books, life, and whatever we wanted.

If yes, how did it feel to be there?

It felt surreal. I honestly can't believe I was brave enough to put my question out there and I totally believed no one would come. 

If no, how did it feel to stay close to home?

I stayed close to home the rest of the month besides my yoga classes and I am glad I did. While it is fantastic to be brave, it takes so much out of me to met new people. 

I am grateful for...

That I was up for meeting new people and that so many people came out to met me. 

This month I learned...

That people can follow through and show up. Not something I was expecting. I don't generally have much faith in people, but these ladies were present. 


How was your word helped you this month?

My words for this year are Focus and Stretch. I focused on getting certain things done. Cleaning being one of the biggest. I've been struggling with it, so I redid my calendar at the beginning of June and then I stuck too it. Thursdays are my day to clean. Every week that means cleaning the entire kitchen, once a month the inside of the fridge and freezer, every other week bathrooms and on the opposite weeks vacuuming. Thursdays are also laundry day. I focused on breaking it down the tasks so it would be doable. 

In what ways could you embody your word more next month?

Show up more consistently. Specifically in yoga, that's where my stretch word comes to into play. But also in what I am reading. I want to not just be reading fiction and fantasy. I need to be reading books that stretch me too.

Do you need any extra supporting words?

Potentially adding the word brave. It keeps popping up. I've written a far bit on it actually with my Be Brave and what would you do if you weren't afraid posts. 

I am grateful for...

Kevin being able to fill in when my anxiety takes over. It's been rough and I'd like to beat anxiety over the head but I'm not there yet. 

This month I learned...

That audio books and video games work well together and it's a fun thing to do with my favorite person. 


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