365 Project - Week 29

365 Project - Week 29

194 : 365 July 13

Leafy details

195 : 365 July 14

When it comes to photography, I know just enough to be annoying but not enough to be useful. I really should change that and I hope with time I'll eventually figure out the means to all the words used in the photography business. For the moment, I am just happy with what I am. I bought a new lens. This is the first time I have ever got something that I specifically wanted and that is a macro lens! It's a Sony E30mm F3.5 macro (it's the lens on the right), for those of you who do understand those numbers! The picture for day 194 (above) was taken with it and I am excited to see if this will get me to where I want to be next. I've also invested in a wrist strap. It makes carrying my camera around so much easy. I love this brand to because the straps are easily changed and so I can carry both straps with me for whatever use I need at the time. All of which is kinda awesome. 

196 : 365 July 15

Playing with the new lens. I don't think I've got it fully figure out. The left picture, isn't perfect, too much blur. I'm undecided on what I did wrong. Am I too close?? No idea. The right picture is rather boring but I got details. The thing is I'm not sure it's as detailed as I wanted. I think I want to be closer. So the question is still whether or not this is the right macro lens for me. Leaning towards a no...

197 : 365 July 16

Poetry. The last three lines are what got me. In my case it's the him isn't someone I dated but the religion I was raised in.

Day 197

198 : 365 July 17

It is truly amazing to be what a one hour difference will do. 

199 : 365 July 18 

I went out to shoot today. My goal was to find the old tree stump I enjoyed in the winter and take a picture of me doing tree pose. And then I didn't. I went into the woods and got eaten alive by mosquitos. I watched two baby chipmunks race around me in circles. I looked at my desired shooting location and decided I didn't want to shoot yoga pictures at this point. I want to shoot yoga but maybe just not of me.

200 : 365 July 19

The lens I got last week was taken back. It wasn't quite what I was looking for. So I grabbed something else and I am going to run with it this week and see what I think. The guy there told me a few things, so we'll see what I can come up with. 

How was your week?

Have a brilliant friday!

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