365 Project - Week 30

365 Project - Week 30

201 : July 20

202 : July 21

We had great plans today. We left the house and headed to the Olbrich Gardens to see the butterflies. I was excited to spend the day taking pictures of the little creatures. We pulled into the parking lot and were met with a crowd of evil children. Now there isn't actually anything evil about children. Parents are the evil ones in reality but when you find a line up that mostly consists of children and only a few heads of adults, you just know it's best to turn around, get donuts and head home. So that's exactly what we did. Maybe I'll try again on Monday. 

203 : July 22

I've seen this store many times on our Sunday yoga drive. But never dropped in. Lately bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar have been the only satisying thing for me to eat. So I decided to upgrade and get some fancy stuff. 

204 : July 23

I am so very close to finishing this book.

205 : July 24

I do not recommend taking photos while driving. It makes it hard to compose and then there's blur. So don't do this... always have a passenger in the seat willing to take it for you. Cause sunsets are worth capturing and remembering. 

206 : July 25

This first time we went to the DMV back in 2015. We walked in and out in under half an hour. It was quick, it was fast and as an immigrant it was something I was super stressed about. This time around I was still stressed about it, it felt even more unknown than that first visit. Sure enough I got rejected, I need to apply for something and it needs to arrive before I can renew. Kevin was able to get through and we only had to wait an hour, pay two dollars to finalize everything on his side. Fingers crossed I can get the new paperwork before the actual expiry date of my license before September!

207 : July 26

So after being rejected at the DMV. I've made the trip to the social security office. One hour in a crowded room, five sentences equals a card to be delivered in 7 to 10 business days. Things are moving forward. I should probably dedicate an actually post to the immigration proceedings. 

This week ended weird. 
How was your week?

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