365 Project - Week 27

365 Project - Week 27

180 : 365 June 29

I got out and shot. I took a chance and while I am not 100% happy with the results because my nerves took over I made the effort. And I'll probably try again.

181 : 365 June 30

I think we've found something to do every Saturday and it involves french toast and baked goods.

182 : 365 July 1

Hello July!

I've been slacking on feeding my birds this year. But Kevin's been doing it weekly. We even have a little guy that comes by and lets us know it's empty. I managed to capture the visitor on Day 139

183 : 365 July 2

I am not a fan of car washes. But the car really needed it. I don't know what's made the difference but when we lived in Calgary we moved washed our car in the six years we lived there. Here though, it's at least every second month. 

184 : 365 July 3

Adventures to be found just outside this door. The question is whether or not I'll pass it's threshold. 

185 : 365 July 4

Fresh chocolate chip cookies. These are bigger than I usually make but they were good. I would love to find my non-crinkle recipe back as those are far better. 

Day 185

186 : 365 July 5

I bought new plants. It is always fun transporting them home. 

Happy Friday!

How was your week? 

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