365 Project - Week 32

365 Project - Week 32

215 : August 3

Looking at American candy you find some weird flavors. My favorite from this lot would be the Heath bar.

216 : August 4

I'm unmotivated to take pictures, so this is a cheat in a way. I took a picture while wandering through target. 

217 : August 5

Migraine city again for me, so we spent most of the morning listening to an audio book in bed. It's kinda amazing how much an audio book helps. 

218 : August 6

This challenge can be so hard sometimes. The first two pictures of this week are just random ones I took on my phone because I was tired and unmotivated to try harder. But then there's yesterday and today, where the effort in taking these pictures was almost effortless. Today I looked out my window and the weather was perfect. The trees looked lovely and the road dark from the rain. It's my favorite type of weather and it makes me happy. One day I hope every picture can be effortless, for now I'll just be happy with the two out of four so far for this week.

219 : August 7

Just another week at the DMV

(also there for day 20)

220 : August 8

Here again. This room brings me much happiness and I want more classes that involving swinging and upside down time. 

221 : August 9

Repotting this little baby today. It's been a while and he's such a beauty! Now I just need to figure out what he is. 

My week was fantastic

How was yours?

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