365 Project - Week 33

365 Project - Week 33

222 : August 10

Apparently I need to start paying attention to the sunset and sunrises out my windows more because they have been so beautiful as of late. I feel like I've been missing out. Day 211 is also an out the window shot. 

223 : August 11

We went paddleboarding for the first time today. I enjoyed it immensely. Kevin not so much, he prefers kayaking. Either way we both want to spend more time out on the water. I just need to figure out how to get pictures from the water. 

224 : August 12

I am a terrible gift giver. So when Kevin's birthday comes around I ask for a list with prices and then work that amount into budget and let him buy it all. This year part of his gift was buying a game called Monster Hunter. A copy for both of us to play together. I, of course, immediately hated the game and got frustrated 89 minutes into playing. I spent some of yesterday, reading while he figured out the game and today we've spent playing. I learn better by watching and then trying. But as far as birthday gifts go I am always amazed by Kevin's never ending kindness. All I want is books or whatever... And he gets something for both of us to do together. I'm pretty lucky

225 : August 13

This picture did not turn out how I wanted it to and yet I kinda like it. The trees here fascinate me and when you are rushing through it's a blur of of sky and green. I love rushing through but I also love to stop and stare.

226 : August 14

Rolling Pin Bake Shop this morning for breakfast and fresh beignets. We arrived just after they opened at 7am. Which is early for us. But the day was busy and it seemed like a good way to start off Kevin's Birthday.

227 : August 15

I honestly forgot to take a picture until we were finally sitting down for dinner at 9:30 at night. I had picked up Indian on my way home and we sat down to catch up and enjoy the delicious food. A quick snap, a few delicious bites, and then it was off to bed. 

228 : August 16

At two in the morning I jolted awake. I've come to realize that this happens frequently when I'm dealing with certain memories. I've also come to realize that staying in bed makes it all worse and that doing something is far better. So I got up and started reading a book series I recently got from the library. By ten am I had finished all four of these and started on book five. Depending on how the day goes I hope to get book six started and mostly read. I definitely would not do this if it wasn't a book series but because this series is just a written continuation it's like reading one massive book in smaller forms. Have you read anything by Tamora Pierce?

Happy Friday!

I hope that yours is brilliant and that you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!

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