365 Project - Week 34

365 Project - Week 34

229 : August 17

When we order Indian we always get lamb biryani to eat throughout the week. It's not as good as a friends mom's but it's still yummy. 

On a side note I have decided to add something to this project. Call Things I am Reading Today. Each day I'll share an article or two of something interesting I've read. Some days like today there won't be anything and other times there might be a dozen. But I've been doing a lot of reading and I want to share and keep some of the links. So inserting them into this post I think is a good way to do that. Let me know what you think of the formating below. 

Day 229

230 : August 18

Last week was paddleboarding (see day 223) and we weren't really prepared beyond sunscreen. This week we went kayaking and while we still weren't well prepared we stayed out on the lake for an hour and a half before my hand gave out. The lake was beautiful and I wish we had done this every weekend for this year instead of waiting until now. But you live and learn and I hope to get out a whole lot more this year. Next must bring a water bottle and maybe a better pair of shoes.

231 : August 19

It seems that the donuts at the local pick 'n save make a pretty good breakfast. Especially when enjoyed with fresh watermelon and a tall cold glass of milk.  

232 : August 20

This picture like a lot of the pictures in this project won't make sense without context. So the context is that we needed to renew my husbands passport. Renewing isn't easy. Passport Photo - a new photo is required for a new passport. To start we had to look up the requirements and dimensions. Then find a place that allowed different sizing etc than American passport photos. Forms - we had to correctly fill out the forms. Not to big of a deal. Pay - the first big issue came to paying for the new passport. Cheques weren't allowed, so I wanted to send a draft which is guaranteed funds, but the two banks that we deal with here do not do drafts in Canadian funds. So we had to fill out a old school credit card form. Which kinda makes me uncomfortable, but we were already mailing in the old passport so adding banking information wasn't much more if things got lost.  Mailing to Canada - the requirements on the form said it must be sent via registered mail for tracking purposes. Well the US does registered mail but it stops being registered the second it crosses the border. So we had to hope that it would be okay. No Passport, No Travel - which wasn't a big deal at first but two days after mailing it we received a letter stating we had an appointment at immigration. The passport would be needed for this appointment and we no longer had it. We also had no time frame for when or if we would get it back. Thankfully we did get it back, everything was processed smoothly, and we still have lots of time before the appointment. Getting this in the mail this morning was a massive relief. 

233 : August 21

This isn't an amazing photo and again I feel like you need context to understand it. We had major flooding in Madison and surrounding area the night before. This morning you could see dirt and sludge all over the roads but this was the only major puddle I came across. The car driving away struggled to get through it, which showed me just how deep it was and I had to drive into the oncoming traffic lanes to swerve around it, which still left me in the puddle deeper than I wanted to be. Overall flooding is treated so differently then it was in Alberta. But then again flooding in Alberta only happens once every hundred years or so. It's interesting seeing people willing build houses and stores on land that is a known marsh. In my mind that's just asking for trouble. Whenever we got to buy or build you can bet I'll be looking up the water tables.

234 : August 22

This week has been a little bit stressful. But while saying that, I would take ten of these weeks to one day at my old job. 

235 : August 23 

Friday Ya'll! This week has been a week and yet it's just getting started. I'm not ready for summer to be over and yet the count down is on. 

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