365 Project - Week 31

365 Project - Week 31

208 : 365 July 27

I had to get my ring appraised for insurance purposes. It was a long, rather boring processes. However it turns out my ring's value has increased massively. We got it in Canada and when you convert the new amount to Canadian dollars it's almost doubled. And I don't know what that means... is that normal? And OMG that is a crazy amount to wear on my freaking finger.

209 : 365 July 28

A new plant and a meditation breathing book. 

210 : 365 July 29

We went to the butterfly exhibit at the Olbrich Gardens this weekend. We tried to last week but the line up was insane (see what I wrote for day 202). This week it was still busy but nowhere near as bad. I really enjoyed the exhibit. There was lots of pretty bugs to look at and I got a few good pictures. I am undecided on which is my favorite so for the moment this is the only one I am sharing. I believe this guy to be a Dryas iulia or Julia and that they grow to be 3 to 4 inches. Oh and they also are a pretty orange when their wings are open.

211 : 365 July 30

I honestly don't even know how to describe this day. I didn't sleep the night before due to migraine. The day was shot because of migraine. I barely moved from the bed. This day was an embodiment of all my fears if I was ever to go back to work. Migraines control a huge part of my life. They are unpleasant and I won't wish them on anyone. I have no idea how I used to work through them and maybe that's why I slept 90% of my time the first year I wasn't working, it was the only way I could recover. Anyways this picture only happened because I decided to turn off the AC and open the windows. Opening this window I saw the beautiful beginnings of a sunset. If I had been up for it I would have gone for a walk and truly captured it. But I wasn't, so this quick snap was all I was able to get. 

212 : 365 July 31

More paperwork. There has been a heck of a lot of paperwork this month and it doesn't seem there will be an end in sight any time soon. That's okay, it means good things are happening, so as frustrating as it can be, I'd rather be doing it then sitting doing nothing. 

213 : 365 August 1

One year ago today I bought my first poetry book. It was at an airport flying home and I didn't realize how much this book of poetry would affect me. I picked it up purely because of the beautiful matte black cover and at the time had no interest in poetry. Since then I have read 10 other poetry books (Love Her Wild, Light Filters In, Please Don't Go Before I Get Better, Be Brave, The Universe of Us, The Witch Doesn't Burn in this One, Wild Embers, Adultoscence, The Princess Saves Herself in this One, The Sun and Her Flowers) and while I have loved almost all of them none draw me back as much as this first book. 

214 : 365 August 2

There are three things I want to say with this picture.

One - It is so amazing to me how much of a presence my friend Cat has in my life. She has impacted some key choices in designing our house space. From the art on the walls and windows, to plant accessories, and my favorite the mini black panther (which you can see better in the second picture here). She's here, even though she lives hundreds of miles away. It's actually interesting having the presence of people I love in my house who have never been here or have been only once. I am thankful for that.
Two - Our entry way has come together to be a space that I am proud of. What I am not proud of is how often I can't walk out that door. Today for example. I had lots of plans, I wanted to go to a sunflower show, the farmers market, and maybe a yoga class. I wanted to hit up the grocery store and buy bananas so I could make banana muffins. Anxiety got the better of me. And so I'm inside staring at that stupid door. Maybe it's all the extra things I've been doing these past two weeks catching up with me. I don't know, I do know that it stresses me out and I am unsure how to move forward when I can't even get out the door. Thank goodness for loving my house, it's pretty perfect. 
Three - what should I name this plant? She's the newest addition to my growing collection and she grew a foot this week. She needs a name. And yes this is my second new plant this month, you can kinda see the first one above on day 209.

And that was my week. How was yours?

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