365 Project - Week 35

365 Project - Week 35

236 : August 24

Sneak Peak

237 : August 25

We went here for breakfast. I ordered the french toast but forgot to adjust my order because we were with people. So I got this huge plate of food that I barely ate half off and no protein. I hate breakfast foods, they are so unbalanced unless you want eggs. 

This picture would have been so much better if it wasn't for the lamp at the end of the sign. I did debate on editing out it decided not to.

238 : August 26

We're calling today's adventure on the lake, the horrors of the horsefly. Maybe it was a horsefly, I am not sure as it was three times the size of any horsefly I have ever seen and it would not leave me alone. Those bites hurt and we ended up only on the water for half hour before my panic set in. Not cool, at all. We also rented kayaks at a different place and they were so uncomfortable so that helped make the decision. It was far too wide for me to comfortable paddle and there was no comfortable way to set my legs. Lessons learned from this experience: bug spray is a must and rent from the other place.

239 : August 27

I want to be upset by the fact that I now have to buy two jugs of milk to get us through the week but I just can't. Cookies need milk and so does breakfast.

240 : August 28

This has been our sink for the past two days. I can't run the dishwasher and I can't use the sink, because either option causes this. I am not sure what's going on, but I am frustrated with maintenance and the fact that they haven't shown up. We are almost completely out of dishes and dishes left on the counter start to smell. I've been rinsing in the bathroom, but I'm almost at the point where I need to start washing in the bathroom. Hopefully they show up tomorrow!

Next day edit: So he showed up and put in five hours of work to unplug the pipes. Turns out the carrot tops were stringy and caused the problem. Except that we had those last week and I've never had a problem before... so there must have been something off about this batch of carrots. I feel really terrible. The thing is he had to snake so far it might not have been my carrot tops. We aren't sure. Either way though it sucks and I hope to avoid such issues in the future. 

241 : August 29

Sometimes a creepy corner leads to something beautiful.

242 : August 30

Today was stressful, exhausting, exhilarating, emotional, happy, full. 

Side Note: I wasn't going to share a post of my hair but this picture just was the one that meant the most to me today. Hair is fun and we should all be more wild. 

This weeks what I read

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