The Living Room

Sometimes I don't realize how much things have changed until I go back through old pictures. Our living room has been through some phases. Let's recap quick


These pictures are from March 2016. We'd been living here for 6 months. We had no idea what we wanted for the space. The couch is our first "adult" piece of furniture and with it came the idea that how we set this space up would be permanent. No more weekly rearranging. That at least was the idea. 


While the couch and TV didn't move, other things did and the space definitely evolved. These pictures are from May 2017, with a few new things; the feature wall, the side piece, the plants. But even this seemed to be temporary. 

By the end of the year the cabinet was in the office and was replaced with a ladder shelf, a black pouf ottoman was placed in front of the couch, the tile was changed, and a gray rug appeared. Sadly I didn't take any dedicated pictures this. All the pictures I do have are from Christmas when I was taking pictures for other reasons. So it's not really a great showing of how the space changed.

However it no longer looks like any of these pictures. After three years of cranking our necks up to look at the TV we decided to move it to a lower position. Which meant changing how everything was laid out.


The Living Room

Living Room 2018

Even with how it looks now. I don't yet think it's perfect. There are small minor pieces that need to be worked in. Left is my casual drawing of what I am thinking. Though what those pieces will look like I'm not entirely sure. 

1. A glass case for the remotes. Kinda like those display jewelry cases you see. Preferably outlined in black vs gold. Then I can display the open section of the cabinet better and not have the random junk that's in there, in there. 

2. A lamp. Though it will depend on the lamp we get but it will either go there or behind the chair. I like the idea of this "lamp", just not it's price tag.

3. Some art. Technically that wall space is moving outside the defined area of the "living room" but some sort of art would be really nice. Maybe a really tall skinny piece for behind the chair up. It'll depend on what I find. Though the idea of white textured art is something I've recently become interested in. Or I'd love to get a large custom piece of work from Monica Shulman.

4. A plant for the mantel. I would love a String of Pearls plant. But they are hard to find and I tend to kill succulents. So maybe.

5. The evil bump. I love this rug but to work in the space we had to fold the corner under. It's created a little bump and I am not sure what to do about it. A smaller rug would not have worked, so I either leave the bump or cut the rug. Cutting seems extreme so we will probably leave it but it annoys me. The other thing about the rug that I am unsure of, is whether or not the TV stand should be on top of it or if the rug should be in front of it. If it was in front it might solve some of the problem for point #6 but I am not sure.

6. The shades of metal. I didn't highlight this on the picture because I am not sure what to do about it. The coffee table has black metal, the TV unit has two different mate gray metals, and the movable stand on the right has shiny bright metal. Then there's the chair legs, an ugly brown that doesn't match anything. Somehow I'd like to work all these to better match. Though I have no idea how, this wasn't something I was thinking about when I was putting the whole thing together. The movable stand probably isn't a forever piece and the chair legs are probably replaceable. I'd like to switch out the cabinet handles for something else however that is turning out to be fairly complicated as well. I bought black handles and while I loved the color they were too large. I don't like the silver because they look super cheap. So I'll figure it out eventually, though if you have any ideas let me know. 

7. The blinds. Shown in the picture below, the blinds for the patio are the original ones that all rentals come with. They are awful but functional. I'd like to do something with them but blinds are expensive and so I probably never will. Also I've removed strips from it so that my plants in the corner get enough light.

But that's the space, our 2018 living room. It's cozy, comfortable, and works well. 

Do you like the changes? Let me know your thoughts on what we've done or if you have any solutions to the problems I wrote about!

Where everything is from:

Couch and Chair - Steinhafals
TV - honestly don't remember it's a good six years old now
TV Stand - Wayfair
Coffee Table - World Market. You can actually read my debate on it here on Day 129
Book on the coffee table - Breathe: the essence of yoga. This is likely to change depending on mood
Side Table - Homegoods
Shelf above fire place - Amazon
Books on the shelf - All My Friends are Dead and A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo
Feature wall stickers - Michaels
Tile stickers - Amazon
Plants - Aloe and pots from Home Depot. Rubber plant from Felly's flower
Rug - RugUSA

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