365 Project - Week 37

365 Project - Week 37

250 : September 7

A week into September and the pumpkins are out. It makes me want to go apple picking. I also amazed at the temperature, today it dropped and it very much feels like fall. I love this weather, all the windows are open, the birds are singing, and life is good.

251 : September 8

I awoke at quarter to five and found myself here. Tried mixing bergamot with eucalyptus, it was okay at first but not hours later. I also had my first green tea in about three years! I finally found decaf and it was perfect with a little bit of honey. The meditations on the mat book (left) is something I am enjoying a lot, it's a great little read and has me reflecting on unique things, these 1, 2, 3 Instagram posts share a little from it. The book on the right is a journal that I have started to write down yoga sequences. I hate watching videos when I flow and so I've been collecting papers and writing the flows down instead. Except then I'd lose the paper because I am not a fan of lose paper everywhere. So now I have a place to store them all. This Saturday has been perfect.

252 : September 9 

Grocery shopping a task I do not enjoy and yet do far too frequently. Do you do the shopping in your household?

253 : September 10 

I take shots like this quite frequently. They aren’t really that special, but each day I sit at my desk and when I am struggling with words I stare out the window. That’s what this and all the photos I take like it reflect; brain thinking. The book on the left is my planner, you can see a little of it here.

254 : September 11

Fitness. Two thoughts. The first one is that this year I set a goal of going to 300 classes, my definition of class is pretty loose and I count some of the stuff I do at home. The second is that we joined a gym. So now every other day and then some Kevin and I are up at 6am and headed to the gym. We do some sort of workout, I stretch while he showers, afterwards I drop him off at work and then head home for my shower.

255 : September 12

A book filled with my favorite flows. That is what I hope to create. Except it’s not the only thing I want, on the page opposite I would love to draw a human in one of the poses from the flow and I can not draw. So I am not sure what I will do… stick figures maybe.

256 : September 13

Made the mistake of walking into target. Was picking up a prescription and was told it'd be a fifteen minute wait. So I started on the grocery side looking for breakfast. The walked through this aisle. This aisle at least is safe, full of things I'll never buy. But ten aisles over is the books and that's where the trouble starts. You see target seems to be the only place I find poetry. My library has none, same with my local b&n, and I don't make it downtown often enough to hit up my independent book store to see what they have. So target fills a need that I really wish it didn't.

Side Note: I think overall Halloween is one of those holidays I haven’t really experienced and when we get a house, I’ll probably decorate the whole thing up and then these temporary aisles will be a favorite.

Side Note II: I bought three books; Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell, yesterday i was the moon by Noor Unnahar, and You/Poet by Rayna Hutchinson and Samuel Blake.

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