The Tale of Three Different Poetry Books

The Tale of Three Different Poetry Books

My heart belongs to poetry and so I pick up almost every one I see. The first two are recent finds at Target and the third found at the library. Last week stories bored me and so I dove head first into the musical words written by these artists.

yesterday i was the moon by Noor Unnahar

(OWN) ★★★★★

I don’t think any poetry will every hit my as hard as the first one I read, however that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy new work. This was beautifully written and covered a variety of things I could not relate to but could still feel the emotion in the words. Specifically on the topic of second language and leaving a city deeply loved. Looking forward to more work by Noor Unnahar. This is also my first blue poetry book. I love the growing collection of colors, while my heart will always belong to the black volumes I find this is one volume I’ll come back too.

people leave
unlike matter
that has firm, solid, strong
people are made up of
air, fire, earth and water
that change shapes
that keep moving
that cannot stop
so let them go
and let them be
the things they want
the shapes they like
in the end
you too will grow
into something
entirely new
so let them go
— pg 26 of yesterday i was the moon

Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell

(OWN) ★★★★

We are built on a foundation
Of what love is supposed to be
But today I need to tell you something
About who I am and who I am meant to be
And I know you might feel angry
Or maybe even sad
But just remember the day I was born
You promised to always love me
This is no longer a war I wish to wage
Between my head and heart
I need to come out
And break free of this cage
Sometimes I am a rainstorm
Sometimes I am a drought
There is no in between
And I’m begging you to notice
I’m begging you to care
Because if I have to keep on hiding
Then life becomes unfair
— pg 203 of Pillow Thoughts

This book of poetry was broken down into sections. My favorite two are if you need encouragement and if you are soul-searching. Though to be honest most of the poems I took pictures of came from the if you are heartbroken section. Not because I am heartbroken in love but because they related somewhat to how I feel about aspects of family. At times this felt less like poetry and more like written word. But the emotions are there and the feeling transfers through.

One thing I wish is that the section divider pages were black pages instead of white. I think it would have added a lot to the overall look over the book and empowered the pages a bit more. I did however love the jellyfish, for some reason they fit well. Even though there is nothing in the pages that mention them.

You/Poet by Rayna Hutchinson and Samuel Blake

(OWN) ★★★

By sharing my words I prove to myself that my words matter, that my voice matters, that I will live on, somewhere, in someone’s mind and heart.
— Kati M. pg 28 of You/Poet

I picked this up with the intent to learn more about poetry and less about writing my own. Though to be far I have been dabbling a little bit. I am not good and I will never fully get metaphors or haikus but I enjoy the challenge in writing.

This book has some great points. I enjoyed learning about Poetry Forms, had no idea there were so many. They made many good points regarding editing and sharing your work. Though it felt very focused on Instagram and “you can get popular” attitudes. I guess I had just hoped for more out of this than what I got. There’s wasn’t anything deep about what they said. It was just a basic look at poetry and the potential there is for it in the world. As someone new to poetry I would have loved a more in-depth look at how we’ve gone from Homer’s Odyssey poetry to micro-poetry found on Instagram.

I am looking forward to working through the prompts laid out. I doubt I’ll focus on reactions to said prompts just in poetry but use it to inspire my own creative writings and images to build upon.

There we go, the tale of three very different poetry books.

Do you read poetry? Have you read any of these or have a favorite you’d like to share? Leave me a comment and I’ll write back!

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