365 Project - Week 39

365 Project - Week 39

264 : September 21

Suffice to say that, this Friday was one of the worst days I’ve had in a long time. It was a combination of a whole bunch of things and all things that could have been avoided if there was better communication. Overall I can say that usually I have done something that contributed to the mess up. However this time I did everything right but the doctor got it wrong, the paperwork wasn’t verified until the last minute and now I get to deal with the consequences of it. So I am crossing my fingers that Monday morning will be okay and that it will all work out, because if it doesn’t I’m the one screwed.

265 : September 22

I wasn’t tempted to buy these but I was tempted to get the packet of five mini orange pumpkins and one mini white. Because they are adorable. Except that I have no use for them and I am allergic, so it would be a complete waste of money. Allergies aside, I love fall.

266 : September 23

I hate cardio, but I think I’ve found a form I don’t mind.

267 : September 24

So the result of Friday (first image) is me back in the doctor’s office getting medical forms official signed by approved doctors. Absolutely nothing wrong with me, except maybe my still pealing skin from last weeks sunburn (image 260).

268 : September 25

It is super hard to capture fog and make it come through on a photo. Fog here fascinates me and I hope to one day take the time to find a spot and capture it the way I keep envisioning.

269 : September 26

I spent more than a few hours today working on our 2019 budget. It seems crazy to be creating next years budget already however I have so many notes on things to remember for next year and budgeting that I figured I should just sit down and do it now while it’s all in my head. That way next year there will hopefully be less surprises when something shows up. It’s not easy planning out our budget and we are making some changes for the future. Seeing those changes configured for the future has me excited and nervous. In a perfect world, the numbers I’ve planned for wouldn’t change and we would stick to it perfectly. However it’s not a perfect world and I am curious to see where we’ll be next year.

270 : September 27

I have this idea of a pumpkin for all my pictures in October. So I bought a pumpkin, a plastic one not a real one and starting to play with an idea that I’ve been thinking on. Not a single picture turned out how I wanted it too. However I absolutely love this photo of the “behind the scenes” because it shows what I was trying to accomplish; pumpkin, orange light, and “fog” rolling by. I have no idea if I’ll continue to play with this idea but it was fun even if the pictures didn’t turn out the way I wanted them too.

This weeks what I read

A Thread on Marriage - just YES to this thread. It is such an interesting outlook.
A Thread on Harry Potter and Representation - I am not a Harry Potter fan and I haven’t read Fantastic Beasts, however this thread has some great things to say about representation and how it needs to be planned and written throughout and not shoehorned in. But that is worded way better in the thread.
Why you won’t succeed in photography - Video “Creativity is like going to the gym”
Unique is Beautiful (Living with Craniofrontonasal Syndrome) - I am enjoying the educational aspect of Special Books by Special Kids, opening my eyes to the world a little bit each video. This most recent one is a favorite as it covers a topic that I think about often.
I Want My Money Back: Lies the Diet industry has Told You

Happy Friday!

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