365 Project - Week 36

365 Project - Week 36

243 : August 31

I love the sun coming in through the windows when I come home. I also like that my house very, very rarely looks like this. Guess it's time to clean.

244 : September 1

We went to Michaels for custard. It's a local joint in Madison. I, of course, had vanilla custard with chocolate flakes, caramel sauce, and coffee granules. It was delicious and far too sweet. I should really know better and than to order something unusual. Sticking to my normal order, means better satisfaction when enjoying the treat. It also means that I wouldn't be ingesting caffienne and be able to sleep. I love coffee, the flavor, the smell, but man does it not like me. 

245 : September 2

We were suppose to go kayaking but instead it rained and lightened all day so we played video games and listened to an audio book. 

246 : September 3

There's a garden down there. One I have not yet visited. It stands out from this hilltop with rain falling beautifully upon it. How I love the green, the raindrops, the beauty of Wisconsin. 

247 : September 4

He's smiling at me because I am trying to rush him out of his office. Also his office is so boring and needs some color, decorations, and life, but I have no idea how or what to do with it.

248 : September 5

I honestly forgot to take a picture until I was walking out the door. This is mostly because I had a ton of pent up energy due to nerves. I was basically freaking out because I was headed to a new class, at a new location, and had no idea what to expect. While I have been pushing myself to try new things this year, it's still hard to do. I also feel like while I have been doing new things I've been taking the lazy route. Taking my first aerial yoga classes, I got there because my favorite teacher told me that another of my favorite teachers was offering it and then I asked her and got in. From there that teacher lead me to another teacher and another class. Then that same teacher lead me to this new class. So it's all interconnected to the similar people which gives me a level of comfort because I will at least know one person and their teaching style before going. I think this means I need to try something new where it's not at all connected to those I already know... but that's scary. 

249 : September 6

So this always confused me. According to the toyota company I shouldn't need a maintenance check until either September 29th or when I hate 28221 miles on the car, but the maintenance light popped up this morning. I still have 491 miles to go. The question now becomes do I call and book for next week or do I wait until the end of the month like I had planned and spend everyday closing that stupid maintenance notification??

This weeks what I read

How Are Black Women Discriminated Against
Ruby Kay twitter thread - why you"non-feminist" the way you do
Helen West twitter chat regarding Tess Holliday and Cosmo
How the alt-right uses internet trolling to confuse you into dismissing its ideology
Do the Work - 30 Day action based anti racism course
Sex in a Long-Term Relationship
Resistance 101: A Lesson on Social Justice Activists and Stategies
Seanan McGuire - twitter thread
TheGirlsLikeMe - twitter thread 
Toxic Trait 
How to compliment kids without focusing on their bodies
Flying Art

So it's Friday, the end of another week. All I can really think about is the first article I shared for Thursdays what I read. Not everyone can have weeks like mine where I spend my time organizing my house, reading, and going to yoga. My life is very rarely touched by brutality, prejudices, triggering headlines or lack of actual coverage. It's why I want to share articles that I've read, to increase my awareness and bring that out to others as well. I can't remain untouched by another person's sadness or death or hardship. I want to help foster change and that starts with how my views, my speech, and my actions. 

What are you doing this week to challenge your space?

I hope that today is a good day for you and if you are tired that you get a chance to take the time needed to heal. Happy Friday.

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