365 Project - Week 1

365 Project - Week 1

362 : Dec 28

The cat was not happy about not being included in our game of beans.

363 : Dec 29

Smash bros with 7 people, pretty intense.

364 : Dec 30

These guys haven’t changed in the three years we haven’t seen them. Love them both.

365 : Dec 31

The last picture of the year. At the beginning of the year I knew what I wanted to do for my birthday and that was that I actually wanted to do something and celebrat3. What I didn't expect was that we would get to spend it with family. My nephew and niece, along with their mom made me a black forest cake with skittles in the middle. It was a fantastic way to celebrate!

1 : Jan 1

A tradition for the Tolsma is to spend the first of the year all together bowling and then dinner. It is one of the best ways to start the year.

2 : Jan 2

I always tell myself I am not going to use pictures of people for this project. But then I get a chance to met up with friends and I can't help myself. This is Amanda and Dean, it is not the best picture of these two but it does represent a night filled with fun and laughter. I have missed these guys! They made fondue and bacon wrapped asparagus and we devoured it all!

3 : Jan 2

A visit with three lovely ladies and a bunch of others to end our trip!

Two more days and then we’re headed home. It’s been a great trip and I love seeing everyone!

Happy Friday!

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