365 Project - Week 10

365 Project - Week 10

60 : Mar 1

I’ve decided that anytime I’m watching YouTube, I’ll do my makeup. That way I’m being creative and learning at the same time, at least for a bit. The downside to this is I have to move my make up to the living room or watch on my phone.

61 : Mar 2

I took a tippy lyra class and it was fun, scary, and so freaking hard. Regular lyra is hard enough but add another degree of movement and well, I’ve got sore muscles for days. See me on it here.

62 : Mar 3

It’s a tea and crib kind of morning. We had English Teatime, with brown sugar and milk. So good.

63 : Mar 4

This picture didn’t turn out exactly as I had in mind but it’s still far better than I could have done a year ago. Next times, no blue cutting board and a little further back on the lemon being cut.

64 : Mar 5

One screw up and three pieces almost done. The screw up can be fix, I just had to wash it and wait for it to dry (takes about two days), so I will come back to it. The finishes pieces just need to be fired once more and then they are actually done, for real. Some notes for myself;

(top left) Mug with braid has blue slip on the inside and one of the braids pieces and then has floating blue glaze all over it.
(bottom left) Plate is half shiny black and half shiny white. That line was made possible with scotch tape, I cleaned it up as best as I could, we’ll see how it turns out.
(top right) Bowl is a matte white full dip.
(bottom right) Lastly is the planter, once dried will hopefully have a rim dip in shiny black and then fully dipped in matte black.

What I love and also hate is that you can’t tell those are the colors I’ve chosen by this picture and on one hand I really really love these colors and on the other I can’t wait to see what the colors I’ve chosen turn out like. One more week!

65 : Mar 6

It doesn’t happen often but occasionally I’ll wake up with a craving for a Tims. If you know anything about Canada, you’ll know that Tims aka Tim Hortons is a fast food chain that does donuts, coffees, bagels. It does quick and easy breakfast and it does it well. Not as well as it use to when each store actually made their stuff verses a factory but I used to go to Tims and get a decaf black tea with two milks and half a sugar and a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese toasted all for less than four bucks. It was delicious. There is no Tims in the states, at least not anywhere in Wisconsin. Someone told me once to try Dunkin’ Donuts… but the three times I’ve been there it’s been stale donuts and nothing caffeine free. This morning, I found a place that does good bagels, it was fresh, unique and delicious - a toast cinnamon sugar bagel with strawberry cream cheese. I enjoyed it. The tea less so, but I might go back for another bagel tomorrow.

66 : Mar 7

I left the house purely for the same bagel as yesterday. Went through the drive-thru and came immediately home to enjoy my glass of milk and book. I can not allow this to become a habit.

What I read this week

Gymnastics, contortion and social media are changing yoga – and not in a good way.
We Need to Talk About How Eating Disorders Affect Our Sexuality.
Vanessa Beletic - the second video on her page is my favorite.
Paintillio: YOUR photos become paint-by-numbers for adults - I hate kickstarters but I kinda want to do this.

Happy Friday!!

What’s something you did this week that brought you joy?

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